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Help for eating disorders

I've had anorexia and bulimia for a few months now and I've come to the decision I really need to start seeking help for this. Although I'm not sure which organisations deal with these sorts of problems and I'm really nervous about bringing it up with anyone. I'm quite shy about the issue as I've been bullied about it and I'm not sure who to talk to so me??

Re: Help for eating disorders

Hi @Pillow 


Congratulations on deciding to seek help for what you are going through! It is so great that you are looking for the help you truly deserve Smiley Happy 


Firstly, I was wondering if you have told anyone about what you are going through? You said you are shy about the issues because you have been bullied in the past. For this reason, I would suggest telling a family member, who is less likely to bully you about the situation. More significantly, I really encourage you to speak to your GP about it, because they DEFINITELY won't attack you for it, and they can give you not only professional medical advice about your physical health, but they will also have a lot of information on services in your local area which you can go to for specific help. They may also be able to refer you such places. So I really think that this is the next step to take, when you are ready, because talking to a professional one-on-one is really the best way for you to get the help and support that you are worthy of. 


However, if you feel as though you are not ready to talk face-to-face about what you are going through, there are a couple of online resources that you might like to try to get some support and advice. Such resources also often have information on specific services you might also like to contact as your next step. For starters, here is a factsheets that you might like to take a look at, because they have some simple self-help actions that you might like to try

Also, here is a factsheet on different professional services that you may like to use


A great website to take a look at is because even though it is a Victorian website, it has some great links in the drop down menus for both services that are available as well as "Where do I start" under the "I need help" tab. 


As mentioned in the factsheet I linked above, the Butterfly Foundation could also be a great resource for you to use, as it offers a 24/7 national email or phone service that you can use at anytime to speak to someone about what you are experiencing. This way, even if you don't think you are ready to talk about it, you could write it out in an email to communicate with the service, which you might find more reassuring. The website is and the phone number is 1300 33 46 73 


I think you posting here looking for help is seriously a MASSIVE step towards recovery, so please be super proud of yourself! Keep taking those next steps to help yourself, because you are so worthy of feeling better! 





Re: Help for eating disorders

Hey Pillow, just wanted to quickly add that yep Butterfly Foundation is a great place for you to start... The website is and the phone number is 1300 33 46 73

Online Community Manager

Re: Help for eating disorders

So u have 2 speak up 2 someone about your eating disorders. Talk to a doctor. And try and keep a food diary. Stop weighing ur self and get some friends at school to tell you 2 eat. Or mayb a teacher

Re: Help for eating disorders

Congratulations for beginning the long journey towards recovery! Smiley Very Happy I'm only just starting recovery myself and while it's definitly not easy, reminding myself I will eventually get my life back helps a lot on tough days...


Other things which help:


  • Seek support from a treatment team and get a meal plan
  • Read other recovery stories
  • Avoid magazines
  • Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and dressing up because you can
  • Take cooking classes and cook your own meals so you have control over ingredients
  •  Learn a new skill- I'm obsessed with coquet and making jewellery
  •  Look at the shapes/sizes of the people around you and remind yourself that beauty comes in many forms and as long are healthy, who cares what society thinks?
  •  Write down your reasons to recover so you have something to work towards
  •  seek support from friends/family
  •  Remind yourself recovery takes time and relapse does NOT mean failure. You are stronger than the ED

Beauty Redefined is another great resource which has really helped me in my battle with Anorexia


Stay strong. I'm proud of you! Smiley Happy

Take care