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Help for food and eating issues

I've noticed a lot of people here have been struggling with various eating issues.


There are heaps of reasons someone might struggle with eating, but here are a few examples:

  •eating disorders

  •too busy with work or study to eat properly

  •negative body image

  •feeling too tired or sick to cook/ eat

  •sensory issues with certain foods

  •being really, really bad at cooking (or maybe that's just me, idk)


I've made this thread so that people have a place to share their experiences, tips, and perhaps a few quick and mostly un-ruin-able recipe ideas.


Re: Help for food and eating issues



Keep frozen bananas on hand and you can whip up a yummy and super nutritious smoothie in no time. Bananas also have an ingredient that helps with mood regulation! 



Re: Help for food and eating issues

When I have enough energy, I make a batch of savory cupcake-cup recipes. It means that for the next while I can snack on them when I'm hungry but not able to cook. 

Re: Help for food and eating issues

This is a great thread! I definitely eat poorly when my schedule gets busy or my mental health goes downhill, but here are a few things I have worked out:

  • If you're going to buy food, it doesn't have to be unhealthy! My uni sells apples and bananas, so I buy one of those and a blueberry muffin when I skip breakfast before leaving the house
  • Make a meal plan at the start of the week, so you know exactly where your food is coming from. This means scheduling in some takeaway meals and treats too
  • Cook a big batch of something portable on a Sunday night - I sometimes make a big batch of soup or cous cous salad, so then I can keep it in the fridge or freezer for when I am feeling lazy during the week and don't want to cook.


When I'm struggling to eat because of depression, I try to keep these things in mind:

  • Eat things you like - even if it is McDonalds fries, it is better than eating nothing at all (in my opinion)
  • Get someone to have meals with you to keep you accountable - I am more likely to eat when someone else is eating with me, so I try to have dinner with my family and lunch with a friend where possible
  • Snack! - When I am depressed and lose my appetite, I sometimes find it easier to have a lot of small meals instead of sitting down to a big meal. That way, I'm grazing instead of 'eating' per se. 

Re: Help for food and eating issues

Hey guys 


I love cooking, love to be "efficient" with food and hate wasting it, so here are some things I do...


  • I make healthy banana bread (no refined sugar), slice it, and then freeze the slices individually (using baking paper so they don't stick). That way, when I feel like a nice treat, I just chuck a slice of banana-bread in the microwave and voila!! I really like banana bread because banana itself is quite sweet and so it's yummy even without any added sugar. You can add honey or maple syrup though for a healthier sugar alternative Smiley HappyNote: Bananas can be quite expensive. So I usually buy a big batch from the local market as they are much cheaper. I eat them by themselves or put them in smoothies. Any that go dark, I freeze, to use later for banana bread. Once I have 4-5 frozen brown bananas, I make a big batch of banana bread.
  • I make zucchini + lemon bread. Sounds strange, but its actually pretty nice, I think because I use coconut flour which makes it a little sweet. It's a smart way to get a few extra veggies in, and I don't even notice them in there!!  I freeze it like I do with the banana bread.
  • Carrot bread is another way to trick oneself into eating veggies. I'm clearly all for tricking myself into eating well. Smiley LOL
  • If you ever make lasagna, make an extra tray and freeze it. Then you can eat it for dinner when you're feeling lazy. Also stops you from ordering take-out Cat Wink 
  • Pre-make pesto sauce, it's super easy and tasty. When you're feeling lazy you can eat it with pene (pasta). I prefer home-made pesto over  supermarket versions. I make it by blending olive oil, basil, garlic, Parmesan, and cashews.  You can "spruce up" the pesto pasta by either adding cream or tomato/olives. Super yummy and easy. 
  • Overnight oats are so yummy, healthy, filling and SUPER convenient for a rushed morning. See some good recipes here. I keep my overnight oats pretty basic though - oats, yogurt/milk, honey, cinnamon powder and whatever fruit I can find, preferably banana or berries. 


@Tiny_leaf 's savoury cupcake is a great idea, and one you can also freeze. I also love @queenP's suggestions - particularly cooking a big batch of something portable at the start of the week. I usually do this with quinoa - I treat it like rice and add carrot, onion, peas and egg. 


Great thread guys!!! I hope you find my suggestions helpful. Happy eating Cat Very Happy

Re: Help for food and eating issues

What a great thread @Tiny_leaf!

- My family and I find that preparing some meals in advance can be really helpful, especially when we're too stressed or don't have much time to cook. We always have something in the fridge that we can just heat up. You can find a lot of free guides and recipes that are suitable for this online. In some cases, this can also save you money and you can use reusable food storage methods.
- I echo @queenP's advice about getting someone to eat with you. Sometimes being around people can encourage you to eat more.
- There are lots of ways you can use a microwave to make meals, which might be helpful if you're a student, don't have a lot of time, are on a budget or aren't a great cook. I have made soup and cake in the microwave using mugs, for example. You can also steam vegetables quickly and easily this way. There are a lot of recipes online which are really good.
- Some people struggle to swallow food. Foods like macaroni and cheese, yogurt, jelly, baked beans, bananas, avocados, and smoothies might be helpful for days like this. You can also make your own vegetable purees and spreads and flavour them with garlic or herbs.

Re: Help for food and eating issues

@WheresMySquishy I like those ideas. Smiley Happy

If you look up microwave mug recipes there are heaps of things you can make in like 5 minutes in a single mug/ bowl. 

Re: Help for food and eating issues

@Tiny_leafSome of those recipes look delish! I didn't know that you could make pizza in a mug! There are also lots of microwave gadgets that can help you cook things like pasta, bacon, potatoes and eggs in the microwave. I love using the microwave to cook.

Re: Help for food and eating issues

@WheresMySquishy my favorite is mug mac'n'cheese. 

Re: Help for food and eating issues

@Tiny_leaf  I love mac and cheese too! I haven't made it in a mug yet but I should.

I know a lot of people who struggle to tell when they've had too much to eat. I find that eating something minty can help with resisting the urge to eat more when you're already full. Eating foods that need utensils can also help people eat more slowly. Some people also practice something called mindful eating.