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Help help help please help

I'm trying to talk someone out of suicide and I'm scared. I've sent her the hotline and I've been talking to her for ages but she left and I don't know if I'll get another message. Please help I can't lose her too

Re: Help help help please help

@ma30n do you know where3 she's located? If you think she is suicidal calling 000 and sending them to her location for a welfare check would be an idea.

Are you able to get in contact with her again?

Re: Help help help please help

Hey @ma30n,


First of all, I know how scary this is. It's huge and it's so easy to feel completely responsible.


I want you to know: this is not on you. You have done everything right, and your care and compassion are huge and really commendable, but no matter what happens tonight, it is not on you. It is never your responsibility to talk someone out of suicide or to save their life. It's always on them - we just do what we can to help them along the way.


There's some great advice above me, to encourage them to call SCBS or 000. But since you haven't gotten another message from them, can I ask where you're talking to them? If I know that I might be able to get you some better info on how to help.

Re: Help help help please help

Are there emails with mods being sent at the moment?

Re: Help help help please help

I'm on it @FootyFan26. Thanks so much for getting in on this so fast! You're a wonder.

Re: Help help help please help

she is a close internet friend who i talk to over fb. she has the suicide help line and self harm number i made sure to send her that. im slightly calmer now cause she sent me another message but im still really scared. she has good and bad days but i can normaly talk her round but today just felt differnt and she was talking about really scary things inculdeing killing herself and i jsut dont know how to be there. ive alredy lost someone to sucide and refuse to lose her 


Re: Help help help please help

Hey @ma30n


I sent you an email with some more detailed info, but I actually really want to check in with you right now.


You sound so scared - rightfully - and so worried and like you might be grieving as well. Can I ask how you're feeling right now? How are you going at taking care of yourself tonight?


You matter just as much as she does, even though right now it feels like she needs help more to you. You are just as important, okay? 

Re: Help help help please help

its just so scary cause im useing the same arguments to tell her shes worth it that ive used on my self and other friends. im trying not to have a panic attack. alos ill be foreced to get off line soon and i need contact with you guys rigth now and im scared and barly cohernt im sorry 

Re: Help help help please help

@ma30n, how do you feel about going to your parents and telling them everything that's happened tonight, and how scared you are?


This is not something you should have to carry all on your own.

Re: Help help help please help

i might do that soon but for some stupid reason my brain doesnt want me to do that. if anyone one know how to help uncontalable shivering that would be great