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Re: Help help help please help

Hey, how're you feeling today @ma30n?

Re: Help help help please help

im feeling betterish. i got some hard news today speficaly that i dont have OCD but insted i have OCPD so im still slightly out of it. i havent got in touch with her today yet but ill let you know the second i do. i really hoping shes safe and calm. 

Re: Help help help please help

Good to hear from you @ma30n! I want to remind you of something really important, all you can do is offer support and talk, you have already done much more than most people even know how to do to help her stay safe, you should be proud of that!


Do you want to talk about the diagnosis change?

Re: Help help help please help

Hey @ma30n


I really want you to know that I see how much you care about your friend and how worried you are. It is so scary to watch a friend go through this, especially if you know how it feels yourself. I see that.


But I want you to know that it's okay to put yourself first tonight. You just got some huge news and it's okay to take some time to digest that and look after yourself.


The great Mindy Kaling said it better than I ever could:



You can't take care of your friend if you are feeling terrible yourself. You're not being a bad friend if you take a back seat with them today. You're just making sure you can be the best friend possible, long-term.


You deserve care and kindness too, @ma30n.


How are you feeling about your new diagnosis atm? Does it change things for you a lot?

Re: Help help help please help

thank! im doingh my best.


and yeah i do. its reaaly scary to go from a disorder to a personality disoreder and im not quite sure what it means and its kinda hit me me in the face

Re: Help help help please help

thank you so much *internet hug* its hard to rember that i matter when faced by somthing this huge. 


its more adjusting my views and coming to terms withit. i guess i nver thought that i could have a personality dioreder. thats i thing that happens to other people, not me. and also tryin to figure out what exactly it means 

Re: Help help help please help

Oh man that makes so much sense @ma30n. How confident are you in doing some research to help you understand what's going on a bit better? Would you like some help digging up some info?


I don't know that much about OCPD, but I'm really happy to help you go through info you find and have a bit of a look around for stuff, and I can ask the other counsellors what they think as well if you like?

Re: Help help help please help

i just got i message from her! shes doing better *breaths out* 


that would be amazing. i dont always trust my own brain when im tired or stressd so other opions and soures of infomation would be really awesome!

Re: Help help help please help

How are you doing @ma30n?