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Help me help you

Hey there. 


I have previously gone through depression and anxiety but with support from friends and family I have finally managed to climb the mountain and almost feel 100% like myself again. 


I want to help people feeling the same by sharing my experiences, and I also want to be part of preventing friends, family and strangers from ever having to feel depressed or anxious. I know what helped for me, but I would like to know if you have any idea on how these conditions can be avoided and/or treated without medication?


Would it have helped if you had a more open conversation about feelings in your family? 

Would it have helped if you were better at expressing what made you happy and doing these things? 

Would you accept your friends and family to take you out in the sake of you feeling better?

Are you more or less concerned about your friends' and family's feelings after having gone through tough times?


You don't need to answer all of my questions, just as many as you can. THANK you for helping me helping others!



Re: Help me help you

Hey @wanttohelp

Welcome to ReachOut!



It's awesome to hear where you are up to in your journey and I'm really excited to see you on the forums talking to us all!


Just remember our Guidelines Smiley Happy


I reckon you should go have a look at Tough Times if you want to jump in and talk through some options with people there. 


Also! If you want to help us build skills to help us all stay healthy have a look in our Wellbeing threads!







Re: Help me help you

Hello @wanttohelp


As said its great that you are on this journy to help others. I am too on a similar boat as you. Keep it up.
The advice that I want to give you even though you arent asking for it is that from my experience it can become quite frustrating that you feel that you arent helping enough, helping the people you want, hard to find things to do.

I felt like I was hitting a brick wall a lot of times because my targets are very very hard to reach out to (pun intedned). And also I cant gauge how much help am I actually providing cus the dialogue is so short.

I recently was talking to a friend about this and he said to me that I shouldnt focus my energy on my targeted audience. Even helping people without depression can still indirectly help them. I guess the pay it foward concept comes to my mind.

So this year Ive applied for volunteering at palliative care, I organised a event where a group of my friends visit underpreveledged kids at an orphanage, I have visted a couple of times to animal shelters to walk dogs and help build stuff. Also Im thinking about writing a book as well (crazy I know).

When you do these things you meet a lot of people and you can bring so much love and care to more people. Check out if you are interested. (mods, welcome to take down link if inappropriate) 

Best of luck.


Re: Help me help you

Hey @standinside, just wanted to say how awesome it was to read about the different kinds of volunteer/charity work you've taken part. It's really inspiring stuff and makes me want to do more as well.


And thanks for being mindful of the link you posted. It's totally fine to stay up. Smiley Happy