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Help please

Hey guys

I have a drug problem and when it comes to it I put it first before my loved ones. 

I know I can change... but that's part of the problem. Thinking I can when I'm ready. 

It's hurting others and I'm not me if that makes sense. 

The high is not worth the hurt and I'm not stupid. I know that. But when it comes to this I'm thick AF

How do I stop and think about the situation before making stupid decisions. 


Re: Help please

Hi @ChangeMe,

Welcome to ReachOut and thanks for posting. Drugs are brain altering chemicals and once addiction takes hold, it can become a priority over other life commitments. This is ONE aspect that can define drug addiction or problem drug use. As a result, our usual levels of thinking, processing and understanding can be lowered. You are right in that you have to want and be prepared to change, for change to happen. Are you seeking any professional support at the moment? Heart

Please keep an eye on your emails, I am sending one through.