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Re: Help

Hey @turtle01, well done on reaching out. Heart I can sense that your partner is having an impact on you, and is starting to become overwhelming for you - is that right? 

@scared01 has made a really good point, in that it is also very important for you take care of yourself. What activities do you enjoy as part of your self-care? 

As @Bree-RO has said, anger is a difficult one to manage and takes time. KHL i think is a good contact in helping you develop strategies. Let us know how you go Heart

Re: Help

I don't know how to go about telling him @turtle01 either Smiley Sad Sorry. Hopefully other members can suggest something!

Re: Help

Hi @honky, Yes I feel like my partner is having a bit of an impact on me and it does become quite overwhelming at times. 


I enjoy listening to music and watching a good, funny TV show. I also love being around animals. 


I will let you know how I go Smiley Happy 


Re: Help

They sound like awesome and relaxing self-care activities @turtle01. I hope you're able to these activities for yourself when things get tough Heart

What's your favourite animal? 

Re: Help

Hey @turtle01, I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through this tough time - that sounds like a really tricky and stressful situation to be in, and it must be tough wanting to help out someone you really care about, while also wanting some care and support for yourself. I think some really good advice has been given so far, and I just wanted to emphasise the importance of finding help for yourself, as well as not taking all of this on by yourself. It's really great that your boyfriend is getting help, but it sounds like you're also experiencing a lot of emotional distress too, and it's important to also get support for yourself.