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Re: Help.

Half my friends said they dont wanna be my friend because i'm too sad and its effecting them. There really isnt a person I can talk to, I guess i'll just have to wait for "Professional Help"

Re: Help.

@SomeKid im sorry to hear about those friends, those are inconsiderate things to say aren't they? 

What about your other half of friends? Are they supportive of you? Have you tried reaching out to them? 

I know your still skeptical about seeing a professional, i didn't want to talk to mine at all, i dreaded going because she would tell me their is something wrong with me every time i went. It took me half a year to even start considering that maybe i had a problem. 

What im saying is that it will take time, getting better is a process that can take a long while or short just depending on how you react to the professionals treatment. 

Im glad your going to see someone SomeKid and i hope it helps in time because we all know what your going through sucks.

Re: Help.

@SomeKid I'm really sorry to hear you've been feeling this way, and that your friends are not being able to support you at the moment. @Kitty_cloud has the right idea, have you tried to approach any of your other friends, besides this half? 


I understand it is really difficult for you, especially when it feels like there is no one to talk to, but you definitely have all of us here at RO. You aren't bringing anyone else down by talking about what you're feeling, simply sharing your thoughts. I also think it's really selfless of you to be considering others' feelings, but that does not necessarily mean bottling up your own emotions.

It can feel daunting, considering talking to professional help, and I can relate to your scepticism having been the same before seeing my psychologist. But honestly, I forged a friendship with my psychologist, and she was really able to help me sort through my emotions. 


How are you doing today?

Re: Help.


That isn't a nice thing to hear from your friends. But it's not the end of the world either. 

Maybe it's time to find some new company, try and do some activities around the local community or even just try make different friends at school? 

I understand it's a tough thing to do, but friends and the social circles that we hang out with are meant to change sometimes, and that's a good thing. 


Try and avoid "personalising" these things to just yourself. Alot of the time, the mind ignores other things because they're "silly" or it "has to be because of me". 


Keep your chin up, it's a slow process, but im sure it'll get better, esp after you see the counsellor/psychologist Smiley Happy 

Re: Help.

They made me do a survey and then asked if I had ever pondered suicide. I lied and said no. Then they just said, "Ok, I'll see you again in a month." Then I left. It was terrible

Re: Help.

Hey @SomeKid, thanks for coming back and letting us know how your appointment went.  

It's pretty rough that they asked such a loaded question right off the bat. It's understandable that you didn't feel ready to talk about it on day one, we need to feel some trust with people before we can open up. Even though it didn't go so well, did you get anything out of it? Do you think you'll go back?

Re: Help.

They're making me go back and then i'm going to get "professional help." 

Re: Help.

Ah ok @SomeKid, so it was more like a 'getting to know you' session? I think it's a good thing that you're going back, it can take a couple of sessions to feel comfortable and see some progress. What would help you feel more comfortable or trusting of this whole process?