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I keep randomly having episodes of anger and breakdowns, and I honestly feel like I can't control my emotions properly. I'm also overly sensitive and I lose control of myself whenever I'm having one of these episodes.

I think I may a bit bipolar and a bit of a perfectionist but I'm not too sure if I should seek help yet.

I just feel so trash for lashing out in random fits of anger and when I calm down, I realise that I shouldn't have reacted that way but in that moment, I feel like there was nothing else that could have been done. 


I haven't self harmed, but I have a habit of hurting myself during breakdowns. Once, I lost my temper and I fractured my knuckle by punching the wall. I wasn't aware of what I was doing but afterwards, I felt something warm dripping down my knuckle and it was blood....



Stressed 16 year old female. 

Re: Help!

Hi, and welcome Smiley Happy

I'm really sorry to hear you're going through that, it sounds really scary and hard to deal with Smiley Sad I think it's really brave that you're acknowledging the problem and starting to talk about it and scope out solutions. Do you know if there's any patterns in the sort of situations that tend to trigger those responses? 


I think seeking help sounds like a really good idea. It must be really overwhelming to have such strong feelings so often, especially when sometimes you end up getting hurt in the midst of them... The process of getting help can be pretty daunting, especially at the start, but we'd be really happy to support you however we can when it's hard <3


I've found kids helpline helpful.. it's a free counselling service (phone, web chat or email) for people aged 5-25. They've always listened and been caring and tried to help me find ways to manage/ problem solve. (And also it was a bit less daunting than other help services, because I knew I could just hang up if it wasn't helping and that there wasn't any obligation to call back unless I wanted to... which I found I did). A GP might also be a good first step, especially if you're wanting to know more about any mental health conditions that might be causing/ contributing to this, as they can do diagnose those things and then help you make a plan to manage it...


If you're not quite ready for that yet, or even in the meantime/ as well, there's some things you could try for yourself too. You could try some calming techniques (you could have a google of these, or let us know if you want suggestions- I can think of a couple and am confident others could suggest lots more), or talking to someone in your life about it. (And we're always here, too Heart )



Re: Help!

Hi @stressedstudent,


Welcome to ReachOut! It takes so much courage to talk about your experiences, and I want to thank you for your bravery in being open with us about what is happening for you right now Heart


@hellofriend has offered some amazing words of support and some great options for seeking help Heart Is this something you be interested in exploring more? Have you tried any of these support options before?


I have just had to edit out a couple of the descriptions in your last paragraph to meet our community guidelines around self harm Heart


Did you know we have new Community Guidelines? You can check them out here

Re: Help!

hey @stressedstudent, just wanted to check in and see how you were and what your thoughts were on @hellofriend's suggestions for getting help? it seems like you're going through a really intense and overwhelming time right now and having the right support can make a really big difference.


In the meantime some things I have found helpful as a way of dealing with emotions that are too intense is practicing mindfulness, headspace has a free app that teaches you how to practice that and it can be a really helpful coping technique. Another way to cope when dealing with emotions is using this exercise as a way to ground yourself.


Hope to hear back from you soon!

Re: Help!

Hi @hellofriend


Thanks for your support, even if it's only over the web. It still makes me happy knowing that people are willing to listen (or read ahaha) about my problems.

Honestly, writing about my problems really helped me. It helped me express my emotions in a healthy way, and instead of hiding my true emotions from everyone around me, I could actually show my inner self. 


I've decided to tell my mum about this, and hopefully she will understand.

I also noticed that I get extremely sensitive when people mention my academic/ sporting/ musical capabilities, as I struggle with self doubt as well. I really dislike it when people look down on me or underestimate me, and I think that because it happens so often, I react super badly and over the top. (people call me dramatic but they really don't understand how much of a big deal it is for me). 

It may not seem like a very big deal to most people, and when I think about it, it's really not that big of an issue. But when my state of anger is there, I lost control and I start throwing fits and its uncontrollable. I feel so helpless every time that happens. 


Thank you again,

Stressedstudent Smiley Happy

Re: Help!

Hi @DirtWitch

I took a quick look at the suggestions you recommended, and it's shown to be effective at calming myself down (.... relatively). I'll make sure to deal with my emotions in a healthy way from now.

I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to check in on me, it really means a lot!



StressedStudent Smiley Happy

Re: Help!

That's fantastic @stressedstudent! Smiley Happy I hope you're having a good weekend Smiley Happy

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: Help!

hey @stressedstudent! I'm glad to hear that what I've suggested has been helpful Smiley Happy Dealing with intense emotions can be really overwhelming and difficult and the fact that you are taking steps to manage that is really impressive! If you're ever struggling and want to talk I hope you'll post again so we can all help out <3

Re: Help!

@stressedstudent that's so good to hear! I'm really glad that you've found it helpful trying @DirtWitch's calming strategies as well as talking things out on here, we're here any time you need to talk or vent Smiley Happy I hope talking to your mum helps as well, it sounds like a really good idea having someone in your life who gets what's happening. Let us know how it goes! And it's great that you've been able to identify what triggers these powerful feelings. Maybe you could think of a phrase in advance that you might be able to say if people start talking about that stuff... something that might cut off the conversation before it gets too hard to handle? Maybe something like "I'm actually kinda sensitive about that and I'd rather not talk about it"? Also try and remind yourself that there's things you're good at and you've got the capacity to learn and grow, because it's true Heart

Re: Help!


Recently, I've been coping a bit better, however, I think I'm very close to the edge...

I'm not sure but I feel so worked up all the time and even my friends are starting to question why I'm always so angry. 

I think I'm just stressed from all assignments and exams and stuff but I really don't know why I'm always having these angry breakdowns. 


I also don't know how this is possible but it scares me because I can't seem to remember what I said during my breakdown, and I almost have no memory of what occurred during it, but only the fact that I had one of my little fits again...


I feel like I'm going insane! 

Please help me Smiley Sad((