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Re: Help!

It's great that you're feeling you've been coping a bit better @stressedstudent. Is there anything specific that you think may be helping you with this? (i.e. self-care, chatting to a trusted support person?). It's also great that you're noticing that you're feeling close to the edge, this means that you're becoming more aware of what's going on for you and can then work on using strategies to help Heart


With regards to the angry breakdowns you describe, feeling on edge, impatient, overwhelmed, pressured, stressed re uni can all contribute to letting it all out in a bit of an outburst.


Are you chatting to a counsellor or do you use a helpline when you're feeling more on edge / stressed?

Re: Help!

Hi, @Erin-RO

I'm currently not chatting with anyone when I'm stressed, but I'm honestly contemplating on it...

I really feel like I'm not in touch with my emotions and they're all running out. Like you know in Inside Out??? Joy and sadness went missing so the other emotions were controlling Riley. It's almost like that except the only emotions are Sadness and Anger. 


Doesn't exactly help that I have 8 exams in the next week or so ahaaa stress stress stress!!!


It's okay, I'll hopefully get over it.



Re: Help!

Hi @stressedstudent,


Thank you for coming back to ReachOut and talking to us when you are feeling this way- we are here for you Heart


You mentioned earlier that writing down how you are feeling has been helpful. A lot of young people on our forums use journalling to help get all the big feeling out on paper- sometimes even drawing what they feel like to you with colours and shapes if words are hard to describe the feeling.


It sounds like there is a lot happening for you this week and that you are contemplating speaking to someone when you are feeling stressed. @hellofriend has recommended kids helpline who can be really great if you just need to talk through something. Did you end up talking to your mum about what you are feeling at the moment?


We are here to support you this week if you need to chat, want some support to manage the stress and to lend a listening ear. ReachOut also has some amazing resources on exam stress that you might find really helpful right now, you can find them here


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