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So.... basically...


I think I need a carer. Like... close to full time.

Idk for how long. I'm hoping it's just until my meds change over and I get some stuff done and I find out what sort of state my NDIS plan is in. But I don't know.

I can't deal with this.


I want to ask one of my parents if they can take some leave for a week or too but...

Like they'll either say no, which will be really shit. Or they'll say yes but hate me for it. Which will be really shit.

And I don't know which is worse.


I just... can't deal with this......


I don't know what to do 

Re: Help

Hi @Tiny_leaf! I'm sorry you're going through a hard time right now. Smiley Sad
I really hope that your parents will agree to you having a carer. Sometimes, having some extra help, even if it's just temporary, can be a good thing. You deserve all the support you need. Heart
If your parents refuse, are you able to get a support worker? I'm pretty sure that there are also services where you can get emergency care. Here is a resource from Carer Gateway about emergency respite care, though I'm not sure how helpful it will be for you.

Re: Help

@WheresMySquishy support workers are expensive and I'm still on my old plan... (assuming the new one will be any better)

I'll check out that site now though, thanks.

Re: Help

Right now I'm struggling just trying to get mum to understand that I feel really sick and I can't eat what she's trying to feed me but that's another story...

Re: Help

"You will need to talk with Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 to find out about the respite care that is available in your area and whether it will suit you."

Well fuck.

Do they do shit like this on purpose?

Re: Help

Hi @Tiny_leaf, I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through. It sounds like trying to get your mum to understand while also sorting out NDIS/carers is very overwhelming. Perhaps it would help to treat them as two separate tasks.

With your mum, is there some way you can explain your situation to your mother in a way that you know will be understandable to her? Sometimes it takes people to be able to imagine directly how someone's feeling to be really empathetic toward them. Perhaps you could think of an analogy for how you're feeling, or alternatively try and relate it to one of her experiences. What do you think the next step might be?

Regarding trying to find care, I can appreciate the fact that you're feeling stressed and a bit put off by the message about talking with Carer Gateway. It sucks when you are really hurting, but attempts to seek help involve going through these unpleasant administrative processes. Is there someone who you can get to call the Carer Gateway for you - perhaps a parent or friend?

I hope you can find something to help you relax tonight - perhaps a favourite TV show or even just some silly cat videos on youtube. I'll keep checking on this post for updatesSmiley Happy

Re: Help

@Mayour mum still doesn't understand.


No, there's no one I can get to call them - my parents won't like the idea at first, I'd need to convince them. But I can't convince them if I don't know what services are available.

I can't speak over the phone. Lots of disabled people can't speak over the phone.

But disability services always seem to exclusively use the phone.

Re: Help

Sorry to hear you are having issues getting your parents to understand @Tiny_leaf. Are there any other strategies that you could use to help convince your parents? Have you been able to find any information about them online that could be useful?

Re: Help

@Sophia-RO no I've tried everything I can think of.

They might listen if a doctor told them the exact same thing, but that'd involve getting a doctor to listen Smiley Frustrated


I have found no information online about disability services because apparently there's some unwritten rule that any information must be completely inacessable.

Re: Help

My little stink-cat just looked me in the eye and peed on me.

She is now outside and I am now awake.