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Helpful Helplines

Hello everyone,


I have been through rough patches for about 2 years now and had depression and self-harming tendencies for about 3 years and was looking for other peoples advice.


I have used helplines a few times but feel way more comfortable using the online chats as it is what I do most of the time living rurally.


I guess I am asking which helplines you have found most helpful as I do have tendencies to feel down later at night and would love to be able to talk to someone, and get into the habit of calling up when I don't feel okay.


Please good experiences only, this would be nice.





Re: Helpful Helplines

Hi Ali,

I haven't used a helpline myself - i have a Dr I trust and who I go to when I need to talk to someone.

I'm sure others can share their experiences with the various helplines.

Which ones have you tried? And what was it about your experience that meant they didn't feel right for you?


Re: Helpful Helplines

I personally find Kids Help Line great but I have a "regular" counsellor (for the past 7 years) which probably makes it easier for me. I first talked to him via web counselling which made it a lot easier too. Smiley Happy I only contact them when I know he will be on the phones though so don't really talk to anyone else. A downside to KHL though is that it CAN take a long time to get through but if you get a really great counsellor (which most of them are) then it's totally worth it! Smiley Happy It's important to find distractions while waiting though! I often play games on the net while waiting. Smiley Happy

Re: Helpful Helplines

Thanks MM. I have contacted them a few times and not found it very helpful but I guess it is finding that someoen who you connect with.

Re: Helpful Helplines

ive been on both sides suprisingly ive done work in the past for lifeline and ive also phoned people with life line and both had good results . but it matters were your at if you really wanna do something now and not just receieve advice a doctor slash welfare worker is probably the best bet because you can get stuff moving really quickly on serious things . but if you just want to vent and get some helpful advice on non life threating stuff its great . they listen to but just remember life line isnt free which kinda sucks majorly but kids helpline is free who dont just deal with kids anymore . they should really change there name

Re: Helpful Helplines

I definitely agree that it's all about finding someone you connect with! I was really lucky in that I found someone who I connected with straight away! Smiley Happy

switch - Lifeline calls from mobile phones are now free. Smiley Happy From landlines they are the cost of a local call though . And yep, totally agree that KHL needs to change it's name. A lot of people still think that they only cater for people up to 18 years, but they cater for up to 25 years now! Smiley Happy

Re: Helpful Helplines



I called KHL for the first time last year after my psychologist at the time convinced me to try it out as homework and I have gotten quite connected to 2 counsellors there. There is no guaranteer you will get your regular counsellor (even if you made sure to call during their shift) and unfortunately when you have called for awhile, they recommend you to stick with your regular counsellor coz they know your story, so it can be frustrating when you have to hold off until they are available.


Counselling is a slow process, definitely require patience and active input from all parties involved. One thing about phone counselling is that it is not face- to-face so I have experienced misunderstandings with my counsellor. But don't be discouraged. It is better to have someone on the other side of the phone than no one. 


I also tried Lifeline. I have to say it is a bit of a gamble with you end up talking to with Lifeline. I never spoke to the same person twice on Lifeline and the experiences vary quite a bit between the counsellors, but again, it is better to have someone listening (no matter who) than no one listening. 


Suicide call back service was weird. I only tried this helpline once. I am happy to hear about other's experiences with this service.

Re: Helpful Helplines

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Doris, I'm sure that feedback will help others checking in on the conversation Smiley Happy

Re: Helpful Helplines

Hey Ali818, just wondering if you've tried KHL and how it went?

eheadspace is open pretty late if you like online chat - 1am AEST, which is a little later than the Lifeline online chat.

I think it's awesome that you are getting in the habit of calling when you don't feel ok. It's these important strategies that get us through rough patches, so keep on calling/chatting. Take care Ali!