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How Do I Keep Going

I've made a mess of my life
We've made a mess
I was full time on 52,000 a year and he was full time (my partner) on $42,000 a year
So we got credit cards, we got personal loans to get a house and go on a holiday

We maxed them, he got fired i for depression and anxiety so bad I could only get out of bed for our children

Now were in $15,000+debt with one part time income averaging $300 a week and we Car pay any of it off

Is declaring bankruptcy the way to go?

I'm done

I can only carry on for my children but I want so badly to give up

There's no handouts for this sort of thing

It can't be fixed overnight and I've now fucked up my children's lives

I can't work
My 4mo is breastfeeding and refuses every bottle on the market won't even take a dummy

He can't get a full time job he doesn't even try
He's not a bad guy just has been brought up with no work ethic

I'm done

I want to live away with a fake identity and just somehow live in houses that have been abandoned for free

But obviously that's not going to happen

I'm done

I don't know where to go from here or what to do

Can I declare bankrupt without an income?
I don't know

All I know is I can't live like this anymore and yet how can I do anything else

Living out of my car
Will eg taken if I declare bankrupt

Re: How Do I Keep Going

Hi @mummyoftwogirls,

Just letting you know you have found our youth forum which is designed for people aged up to 25 years to access your parents forum you can find it here. 

Due to your situation I encourage you to give the National Debt Hotline a call on 1800 007 007 and one of their qualified and free financial counsellors who can help you with your situation.

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.

Re: How Do I Keep Going

There are also emergency assistance lines you can call to get help and support. 

If you need emergency assistance please contact:
- Entrypoint Perth - (08) 6496 0001 or 1800 124 684
- Crisis Care - (08) 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008
- Homeless Advisory Service - 1800 065 892
- Lifeline - 13 11 14
- Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800

WE WANT YOU to tell us what kind of infobuses you'd like to see! Let us know here.