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How can I be around drugs and alcohol and not participate


just wanting some strategies I can put in place so that I can control myself more when around drugs and alcohol. I know there is always ‘just don’t go’ but I know personally for me, all that will do is make me find other ways to get stuff. I just want to be able to go to parties with friends and have fun but know I’ll be able to have control over what I do. 


Re: How can I be around drugs and alcohol and not participate

Hello @Jachkdjj753, thanks for sharing your story. I think it is great that you are reaching out for some support and advice around how to manage your drug and alcohol use. I imagine that it must be very difficult to manage your drug and alcohol use when you are at parties surrounded by others that may be drinking or using drugs. When thinking of creating some strategies, I recommend reading some of ReachOuts articles about addiction as you might find them to be helpful and informative. Some articles, like this one here, have information about what you can do if drug use is a concern.


I also recommend that you see a medical professional such as your GP if you are having some concerns about your drug and alcohol use. Your GP should be able to support you further and may be able to provide you with some other useful resources. You may also find it helpful to talk to a counsellor about developing some useful strategies. You can talk to a counsellor at Headspace, Beyond Blue or Kids Helpline. Directline is another counselling service that you could use that is specifcally for drug and alcohol use counselling. Hopefully you find these resources to be helpful! Please feel free to keep us updated Smiley Happy


Re: How can I be around drugs and alcohol and not participate

Hey @Jahkdjj753. Just wondering how you've been going with this? 

I used to always partake in taking some sort of substance and now I can't even remember the last time I wasn't sober going out. For me, I was so sick of being annoyed at myself for taking substance and doing things out of my control. It took me many (many) times before I learned my lesson but I honestly find going out sober so much more enjoyable now. You get to watch everyone being messed up and have a little laugh at them. 

I find one of the main reason substance is used is because people aren't comfortable being sober and having a good time. I wonder if you've maybe looked into that at all? I know for pretty much all of my friends that they can not feel comfortable unless they've had something and really that's a much deeper issue than just taking the substance itself. 

Just something to think about! 

Hope you're doing well Smiley Happy


Re: How can I be around drugs and alcohol and not participate

Hey @Jahkdjj753  thanks for posting, it's a great step to manage challenges like this in a productive way.


There's some great dialogue here- @Sophia-RO  has pointed out some resources for more structured help and @letsheal has given some thoughts about why people turn to these substances in the first place. 


If I may add one thing- if you still feel like you need to go to these parties (which is understandable- social time is important) you can try engaging in positive distractions. This might be a card game, watching a movie, helping the host cooking food and playing with any pets. You can call in your friends and encourage them to do the same. Hope that helps somewhat!