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Re: How do I get over it?

Thanks for your support last night @Bee @Erin-RO Heart


Struggling a little rn Smiley Sad I’m so tired and it’s been hard to eat or sleep. Prac is overwhelming and stressful and makes me hate myself because I’m nowhere near as good as everyone else, I’m just in the way all the time and I’m too shy and anxious to be useful. Maybe tomorrow will be better...

Re: How do I get over it?

You're more than welcome @DruidChild Smiley Happy 


Feeling like you're struggling rn is understandable at the moment, you're feeling tired and finding it hard to sleep / eat AND you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed about prac, which something you care about and sound like you want to do well at. So I think maybe, practicing a little bit of self-compassion when those thoughts come up might be helpful? You're so so good at supporting everyone on the forums, I wonder what you'd say to yourself to help ease those thoughts?


And you're 100% right, things will get easier with time and practice Heart

Re: How do I get over it?

Thanks @Erin-RO Smiley Happy Heart

Yep, AND it’s overwhelmingly stressful living at home AND I’m still struggling with, well idk what to call it, trauma stuff I guess? I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. I’m scared the struggle will never end, this has been my life for so long and it seems like I’m making no progress, just adding stressors and painful memories. 


Hmm maybe I could say that it was only my first day, it’s normal to be overwhelmed and not to know how to use new equipment or know my way around - once I get into a routine things may become easier. I could remind myself that I did a couple of procedures correctly and was polite to everybody and remembered everybody’s names, all achievements. And then show myself some compassion by going to bed in half an hour and maybe doing some mindful breathing if I’m struggling to sleep. 

Re: How do I get over it?

I totally get feeling like you're not making much progress @DruidChild but sometimes it can be hard for us to assess how much progress we've made but if I look at how well you've reframed things and showed yourself compassion and planned for self-care in your below post I'd say you've made some really big strides. 


Always remember sometimes we won't always be able to remove the struggle but we can change how we respond to it and take care of ourselves while we work through it Heart


You got this!

Re: How do I get over it?

Thank you for the encouragement @Erin-RO Heart

Re: How do I get over it?

Hey @DruidChild, how are you going today? Heart


That prac situation is one I can really empathise with. I found it so easy to compare myself with others, and when I was told how unhelpful it was, I still ended up doing it! It really is a journey of becoming more confident with your abilities, and I'm still not there myself. One thing I did find encouraging was when reflecting on it with my psychiatrist, he told me that I had something to offer, and that was the main thing. It's still so hard to believe though!


You are such an incredibly nice person, and the support you have given others is so inspiring. I think that is a quality which would be invaluable in a nurse. I'm curious, do you have any idea as to what client group you would like to work with when you finish studying?


Keep up all of the good work you're doing, and know that we're with you every step of the way. Heart

Re: How do I get over it?

@DruidChild I read your post yesterday and it sounds like prac was difficult, I hope today is better.
That is some awesome reframing you have done there with @Erin-RO Heart

I absolutely agree with @mrmusic that you're an incredibly nice and caring person and your unique story will be invaluable as a nurse! Heart


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: How do I get over it?

I’m not coping Smiley Sad Everything is too hard. I wish I wasn’t alive. 

Re: How do I get over it?

That is rough @DruidChild, sorry that things aren't easier for you. I know you have recently spoken about what has been troubling you and I can only imagine how heavy that must feel. Is there anything that has happened tonight that has made you feel like you are unable to cope? Are you able to keep safe tonight? Heart

Re: How do I get over it?

A couple of things happened tonight as well as today just being super stressful and sad @Taylor-RO, I just don’t know how to keep going Smiley Sad I’ll be safe, just going to go to sleep tbh. Thanks