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How things can change in a year!!!

I wanted to let you know that things can get better, I know myself how hard it is to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I remember sitting in a headspace reception once and someone was filling on one of those depression questionaires and I saw her marking the low end of the scale for everything. I was shocked, because to me that didn't seem possible, because to me the high end of it had just become, well, normal. But a few weeks ago I was sitting in my psych's office filling in one of those and for the first time ever I myself was ticking the low end for most of the questions, I'm not saying I'm 100% better, I have a long way to go till then, if I ever reach there, but I am far better and happier than I ever imagined possible. 


Exactly a year ago on Wednesday I made my first real suicide attempt, and as a result was referred to our local mental health team. For the first 2 months things were a struggle, I found it really hard to open up to my psychologist, then things went downhil again and we had to involve my parents, something that I swore would never work and I was really against happening. In the end it helped, it didn't really change things much but I think it did stop my mum from pushing me as far as she used to. Gradually things slowly started getting better, I slowly started opening up a bit more and I've worked really hard on noticing the negative thinking patterns I fall into, so that I can recognise them when they happen and try and change them.  


This Wednesday I delivered my first foal and while it is scary to think that if things had worked the way I wanted them to a year ago I never would have had the opportunity to do this, but I think it also shows how far I've come in the last year. To top it all off first semester this year I acheived my first 2 HD's and I'm hopefully heading for more this semester Smiley Happy



Re: How things can change in a year!!!

Good on you awkwardturtle!

Being able to bounce back from such a low point is so hard to do, it's not something that happens overnight but slowly over a long period of time as you work on it. But you've done it and with 2 HD's! :robotwink:


I'm sure people and myself included will be able to learn a lot from what you’ve said and apply it to our lives.

Thanks for sharing!



Good luck in your finals.

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

What an awesome post - made me a bit teary for some reason! When people come back and share and support the community here... well it's exactly what Reach Out is all about. You're a champion awkwardturtle. Congrats on your progress, inspiring and so helpful.

(And how was it delivering a foal?! Amazing & full on experience I am sure.)

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

This is an amazing post on so many levels. I am so proud of you for accessing help when you needed it and now being able to see the positives of your journey.
You are an inspiration!

Thanks so much for sharing!

(And how amazing that you delivered a foal! I'm so jealous!)

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

Good for you!! I wondered where you'd gone! Smiley Very Happy



Re: How things can change in a year!!!

I'm with you guys, that post made my day. You are an inspiration AT!

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

Thanks everyone, I just remember how good it was to read posts where people were getting better and that it did help to see there was light at the end of the tunnel. Smiley Happy

Delivering the foal was the most amazing experience ever!!!


Can we upload pictures on here? because I'd love to show him to you Smiley Happy


Re: How things can change in a year!!!

I demand that you upload a photo of the cute foal!!! Smiley Very Happy

(Just no identifying images, so it can't have any people in it - but if it's just of the foal (and other horses), it's completely fine!)

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

Yay I'd love to put one up but I can't figure out how....? 

Re: How things can change in a year!!!

Hiya AT Smiley Happy
I think you need to be using FireFox for image uploads to work properly. Also press the 'Reply' button rather than quick reply & select the little icon with the mountain on it.

Also wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your story, sounds like it is onwards and upwards from here Smiley Very Happy