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I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

I have not been at my healthiest state for quite a while now. I took a month break and went overseas to spend time with family. Prior to that, I quit my permanent full time job because I didn’t feel that the working environment was healthy for me and I was constantly stressed and overworked. I have been with 2 different companies in a span of 1 year. I realised that it was me and not the companies. I didn’t feel fulfilled and I thought that the stuggles at work were not worthy to fight for.

After coming back from my holiday, I thought everything will go back to normal and I can finally find my purpose in life. I have decided to work towards a career change but I am totally unsure of what is going to happen next. Also I feel like I am wasting so much time because I am not working at the moment, I am still waiting for my interview with an institute as I want to go back to studying.

I also feel very pressured because I am not getting any younger, I have obligations and have to save up for the future but because I am unemployed at the moment, it is making me feel so unworthy of anything.

I also have no one else to share these things because I do not want to become a burden to other people.

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hey @Aia, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with all of us. It sounds like you have gone through a lot of change over the last year. You have taken the steps to find a career that is more appropriate for you which is a really massive step. It takes a lot of courage to quit a job and begin studying again. I can only imagine that these types of choices might cause you to feel quite anxious and overwhelmed. You've spoken a lot about your loss of employment and being unsure of where your future is headed. How would you like your life to look? Are you planning on working soon or will this be once you have completed studying?

It is great you have posted here especially as it seems you have been feeling quite down and alone. Have you thought of talking to a professional about some of these issues? I can hear that this has all had a massive impact on you to the point where you feel unworthy of anything. That is a pretty heavy feeling which you don't have to go through alone. We are here for you Heart

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Thank you, Taylor.
I actually want to work and study at the same time. These days I find it so hard to focus on one thing because I always doubt that I am making the wrong decisions in life. Like there would be days that I would just forget about the course that I am applying for and just look for same jobs that I used to do before, and it makes me think that I have wasted so much opportunities with my previous employers.
I really don’t know what to do now.
I have been considering to speak to a life coach, I am just trying to build my confidence and also I am way too emotional these days so I don’t think I can communicate well.

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hey @Aia Smiley Happy thanks for sharing what you've been going through lately, it takes a lot of strength to reach out for support. It's really great that you were able to notice that you weren't passionate about the jobs you were doing and to take a step back. It sounds like you're going through a really difficult time and finding it hard to stick with decisions because you aren't too sure where you want to go, am I on the right track? Are you thinking of trying to find part time work that is more related to the course you want to study?

I can really empathise with feeling like you've wasted time but I do think we gain so many skills and so much knowledge from every experience we have - even if it's not the field or job that we want to stay in. I haven't seen a life coach before but I've heard they can be really helpful for helping to establish goals and direction in life. A lot of universities also offer cheap or free counselling and career support. What do you think the next step could be for you now?

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hi @May_ thank you for your response.
Yes, that is correct. I really find it hard to make concrete decisions because of my current state, emotions, and the thought of uncertainty.
I am going for an interview with an institute this week and hopefully it works out fine. For the meantime I have been helping with our family business. And with the industry of the course that I am applying for, they require experience but I don’t think I can have some until I finish the course. 😔

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hey there @Aia , 

Trying out different things is all part of life, and there is no need to only have "one" choice or path to follow. You can follow different paths, and change direction at any point. 

Our generation supposedly will have more career changes than any before us - sometimes making mistakes is just part of the journey. 


Sounds like you're taking some really active steps to address how you're feeling - going to an interview at an institute and helping out the family business are great things to do - I hope the interview goes well! 

Did you think more about seeing a life coach? Perhaps a counsellor could help you process some of the big feelings you've been having as well? 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Thanks, @gina-RO.
I have been to one counsellor last year and I actually had a bad experience. The counsellor made me feel like I am to blame for the things that are happening and that he cannot figure out what my problems were. Hence I am a bit reluctant to see one again.

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hey @Aia sometimes with fields that require experience it can be worth looking into potential volunteer roles or admin type roles that are at a related organisation, would this be an option for you?

I second @gina-RO - it's great that you're going for an interview and working with the family business, hoping the interview goes well Smiley Happy

Counsellors definitely shouldn't make you feel bad it sounds like they weren't a very good match for you Smiley Sad Unfortunately it's pretty common for it to take a little while before finding someone that you click with. I've had a bad experience too with a counsellor and I can totally empathise with not wanting to reach out to someone else. However I do really encourage you to keep trying as I think there's is a counsellor that's right for everyone - places like headspace offer really youth friendly counsellors and other supports, is there a centre near you?

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hi @AMcBrideman, hope you are safe and well. Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your current job. It takes a long of strength and courage to share how you are feeling right now and believe me when I say, this platform has helped me re-think what my goals are and how I want my life to look like. So, great job on taking that big step! ☺️


Is there any particular reason why it makes you feel that way about your job? I believe acknowledging what might be the root cause of how you feel is very important because then you could start to analyse what you can do about it.


What about your passion? Is there anything you have been wanting to pursue?


Looking forward to hearing from you soon ☺️

Re: I am lost, unmotivated, and lonely

Hey @AMcBrideman looking for jobs is really tricky, and finding that satisfaction in work can also be really hard. I'm sorry your job is irritating you and having this affect on your mood, I like what @Aia was saying about considering what it is that irritates you, and thinking about your passions, sometimes thinking about these things can help to break things down into smaller goals. 

I'm wondering if there is something nice you can do for yourself to lift your mood? Things are really hard right now for anyone looking for work and it's important to acknowledge that you're doing your best in a really tough time <3