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I am really homesick

Hi I have been moved away for not even 3 days and I feel homesick it hit me all at once last night and I felt really sad. I was hoping to wake up this morning and feel better but I don't. I woke up with that same sad feeling and I just want to see my mum.


Does anyone have any strategies? It feels like it will never go away....

Re: I am really homesick

@RamonaBella hi. I'm sorry that you feel sad and homesick.
Why did you move away, it could be helpful to think of that and remember why your doing it.
Also how often do you talk to your mum. You could video call her if possible. Do you feel comfortable enough to let her know how your feeling, sometimes it's good to talk about what's upsetting us.

Good luck with everything
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Re: I am really homesick

Hi @RamonaBella

Welcome to ReachOut we're a pretty awesome bunch if I do say so myself Smiley Happy
Homesickness is tough but things will eventually get easier. Something that helps me when I get in these holes is to keep moving forward and try to plan fun things to do every few days which help keep my mind off things. 

It sounds like you're in a new place so maybe you could go exploring and find some new fun places and maybe meet some new friends? 

Also you can totally call your mum and I'm sure she would love to hear from you too Smiley Happy When my parents (and sisters) were over on the other side of the world last year for 3 months (I stayed behind to take care of our 2 cats, 3 chickens, bird and fish) we set up regular Skype sessions which we all really looked forward too and helped make the experience more bearable for all of us Smiley Happy 

Can I ask why you moved away? We could help find some specific ways to help you if we know why you moved away, was it for study?

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: I am really homesick

Hi @RamonaBella, how are you going today? Are you still feeling homesick? By the way, I just want to quickly clarify, is this homesickness you're talking about on this thread related to the homesickness you've mentioned in your other thread about moving away to study?

I agree with what @redhead and @ErinsAntics have said about possibly calling your mum to help you deal with this situation. Have you tried this yet?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, you're staying with your grandparents, right? Have you tried reaching out to them for support regarding this yet?
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