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I am suffering from a major sleep problem

I am having issues with my sleep, I am currently seeing a Sleep Phychologist.......She told me to do a sleep dairy and she thinks I am getting my stage 1 and 2 sleep [which is light sleep and dreaming sleep]. But I am missing out on the deeper sleep stage 3-4, when whole body shuts off internally and externally.


I am getting restless and cranky and my folks know as I feel haggered in the morning. I am night owl and wake late morning and I often have very foul temper when tired. Lately everything making me agro!!!!  Plus not say I broke my TMJ splint mouth gaurd , this meant stop me from grinding me teeth at night, plus bitting my tounge in the morning! Plus I have have right end molar extracted!!!! I somehow broke it all the way though and know it gonna cost packet! Not Happy.

Re: I am suffering from a major sleep problem

Hi Snuffles


That sounds like a really tough time. You're already seeing a sleep psychologist, so that's a good start. We have some info about sleeping well, too, but I suspect you've already read that.

I remember hearing somewhere that, even when you can't sleep, it's important to just lie there and try to clear your mind. Even if you're awake like that all night, your body will still undertake some of the restorative processes that it does during sleep. Developing a routine helps, too. Eventually your body will learn that *this* is sleeping time.


Have you tried some other things to help manage your mood in the meantime? A lot of people have mentioned that the mindfulness tool, Smilng Mind, is helping them a lot. Have you given that a try?


Re: I am suffering from a major sleep problem

Hey Snuffle-nose 


It is terrible that you are struggling with sleep and I do understand, when I struggle with sleep I get angry and easy irratable too so I know how frustrating that can be. 


It is great you are getting help and I hope it does help in the long run but maybe getting some naps within the day and have a look at building better coping strategies, it could help you work through a few things. Also maybe doing some self care will help you feel just a little better, check out this forum for ideas Smiley Happy


Do your family and friends know what you are going through? They might understand your moods if they knew how you felt and what you are going through. 


Take care Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: I am suffering from a major sleep problem

There is a specific biological disorder- not well known- where people find they cannot EVER get to sleep early and always need to sleep in late, but I just can't remember what its called.

Re: I am suffering from a major sleep problem

Hello Gang,


It's me ole Snuffles,plus I am living to that name as in winter I snuffle and sneeze alot! I had my Phych Dr had a run through with me meds with anormous blood test!!!! They went thru the works , even my ticker!!! They took  8 tubes of blood from me and I am at respite and had appointmeants with my Sleep Phych and she and I are working at small goals, like only sleeping for a 1 hr if I really needed a sleep.


The results of test was ok, my ticker ok and no blood sugar issues, My Dr and Boyfriend had notice I was suffering badly of poor sleep and cranked my night meds up. The Epilim......some of my mates has had bad side effects from it. So my Phych Dr are keep track of  the level of  chemicals of meds currently in my blood from Epilim.

About to weeks from now I get another Jab for measuring Epilim levels in my blood stream.


Been sleep okay so far......[better not tempt Mr Murphey] That guy's got alot friends both upstairs and downstairs!!

Re: I am suffering from a major sleep problem

hey snufflenose,


it's great that you're addressing your health issues and getting what you need from your doctors.

hopefully you'll be all better soon. Smiley Happy