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I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Hi everyone!


So I am 16 turning 17 and I have been working at my casual job at a burger place for about two months now and every time I work I always feel really anxious to the point where I feel sick. I even get anxiety when the rosters come out which I do not want to feel. In the past I did work at a fast food restaurant when I was 15 doing front stuff such as ordering taking and I never felt the way that I do with my current job and now that I am starting year twelve I want to focus on school and get good results which is already making me feel anxious and I do not want to have all this added anxiety working a job that I absolutely hate as it is a back of house position and it is really busy all the time at my work which doesn't help with my anxiety. Also my managers always shift outside of the times that I am available and I have spoken to them countless times about it yet they choose to ignore it and by them doing that it makes it difficult for me to get home from work as I have to take public transport home and I do not live close to my work.


To be honest my main issue is that I don't want it to seem as if I cannot keep a job as I only stayed at the other fast food restaurant for six months and now if I quit my current job it would have only been two months. I have spoken to both my parents about this and my dad seems fine with it as he would rather me focus on school but my mum is disappointed in me as she doesn't believe that I can handle having two responsibilities at the same time.  So am I doing the wrong thing by quitting?



Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Hey @rainbowcats157 (Love your username btw Cat Very Happy


Sorry to hear your work is causing you so much anxiety, that is so tough and totally understandable to not want to be feeling that way and thinking about quitting. Year 12 absolutely is a stressful year, so I completely understand you wanting to focus on that and give it your best. I'm wondering if you had any support around your anxiety? If you want to chat through some options let me know Smiley Happy

That is super irritating about your shifts and that your work isn't close to you, it sounds like you've got a number of really valid reasons to want to leave. I get that your parents are offering different perspectives around you leaving the job and that must be tricky and confusing. Have you spoken to your mum about all these different reasons why the job isn't working for you at the moment?

I don't know if there is a "right thing" or "wrong thing" to do in this situation, but it sounds like you're weighing up your options and trying to make a considered decision so you can do what is best for you right now,  which is really mature and insightful of you (traits that will be very useful in your future jobs!)

I also think that having had 8 months of experience in paid work is going to look great on your resume when you finish school and that is awesome evidence of your ability to have handled two responsibilities - I definitely didn't have that all that work experience when I finished high school!

Keep us updated with what you decide to do @rainbowcats157 Heart


Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

@Hannah-RO Thank you for your response!


I don't really have any support from my family when it comes to my anxiety as they don't seem to understand or don't take me seriously but I do talk to my close friends when something is troubling me which has been helping. 


I told my mum all the reasons for why I am wanting to quit but she views these reasons as unreasonable and says that every job is like that so I should just stay. I did come up with another alternative to quitting which was asking my manager if there is a way that I could only work Saturdays and get the same shift each week so my mind can be a bit more at ease each week and I am not dreading the rosters coming out which come out late every week and having to work late shifts. I decided to give this option a go just so I know I tried everything before quitting and she told me she will see what she can do and let me know so I am still waiting for that but if this alternative is not possible I will definitely quit. I feel like this option is a bit better as it allows me to look for another job while still getting money.  

Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Hi @rainbowcats157, that really sucks that you don't have much support from your family. It can be so hard when you can't chat to those closest to you about what you are struggling with. I am glad you have friends that are supportive though, it was the same for me when I was younger too. It can be so comforting to chat to people who just 'get' you, rather than having to explain things all the time. We have an article which talks about some support services for depression and anxiety. No pressure to check it out, just leaving it here in case you (or anyone else reading) ever need some extra support Heart


It must be upsetting to hear that your Mum thinks your reasons for quitting are unreasonable. It is awesome that you have found some alternative solutions though. It says a lot about your resilience and ability to problem solve in such a difficult situation! Hopefully your manager is able to make the Saturday shift work for you. Finding a workplace that is really supportive and flexible during studying can make a load of difference to your well-being. My fingers are crossed for you! Let us know how you go Smiley Happy

Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Having a job during year 12 is tough, its even more tough when your employer doesnt respect that you cant work certain shifts because of school and transport... I understand that you really dont want to quit another job, but you always need to put yourself first and your health. Because your job is causing you stress and making it hard for you to study, i think what i would do is quit and try and find a job that respects your casual employer rights. When you find the right job, im sure you will easily be able to juggle both work and school. Good luck with your decision. Smiley Happy

Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Hi @rainbowcats157
I just wanted to check in and see what you decided to do regarding leaving your casual job?

I can totally understand how you must be feeling because I went through a very similar situation recently. I decided to leave my casual retail job due to the anxiety that both the job itself and the work environment was causing me. I experienced the same thing you have with rosters being provided last minute and found it difficult to plan my university studies around my unorganised work schedule. It was hard for me to decide if I should leave the job as some of my family members communicated to me that they didn't think I should. However, I made the decision to listen to myself (as I was the one going to work each shift not my family members) and prioritised my mental health by leaving the job that was causing me so much anxiety and stress. I felt so much better immediately after doing so and have since then found a job that I love!! 

Juggling a job and studying for year 12 is a huge commitment so you should be proud of yourself for having done it for as long as you have. Hopefully you have figured out what you want to do and your anxiety is improving as a result. If you need anymore advice please reach out! Smiley Happy 

Re: I am unsure of whether I should quit my casual job!

Hi @rainbowcats157 , how are you going? have you made a decision yet about whether or not to quit your casual job? i'd love to hear all about whats going on in your life at the moment. i hope things are looking up for you Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy