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I am worried about a friend and I don't know what to do can you help?

I am worried about a friend and I don't know what to do. He is the smartest in the grade and is destined for the sky, wanting to be a pilot within the next couple of years. Naturally, I have had a crush on him for a while, until he explained that his love would only be planes. 

On school camp, everyone had noticed that he had skipped a meal. The next day, his best friend assured me and my small group of friends that he ate late at night. 

It has been two months since then and a good friend of mine has noticed a change in his weight, he has lost weight and looks more sullen. Spending most of his days inside, away from people, doing flight simulators in every break he has. 


What should I do?

Am I worrying too much?

Tell him I am concerned about his wellbeing?

I just need some advice, please can you help me?

Re: I am worried about a friend and I don't know what to do can you help?

Hi @Kittysumire 


Hi it sounds worrying that your friend is going threw this.  you can try and encourage and support  your friend to go and talk to the school counselor, you could sit with them and comfort them but the best thing I believe you can do as a friend is ask him if he wants to talk about it  with you , tell  him you are worried about hima nd he dosnt seem like himself and if he dose  talk about whats going on please listen to whay he says  or you could go talk to the school counselor  about your concerns. And please get help if YOU need it don't let yourself get runner down. Please look after yourself you are worthy and loved. X♡ I hope all goes well 

Re: I am worried about a friend and I don't know what to do can you help?

Hi @Kittysumire! How are you doing today?

It can be so hard when you think that a friend is going through a tough time, especially if you don't know what you can do to help. Smiley Sad On a positive note though, you sound like a great friend. It's really inspiring how much you care about him. Heart

I agree with @Maryhadalittlelamb. Asking him if he is okay could be one option. You could start the conversation off by saying, 'Hey, we haven't seen much of you for a while and I was wondering how you've been'. You could also let him know that you'll be there for him and he can always reach out to you if he needs someone to talk to.

If you do decide to ask how your friend is doing, here are some apps that can help you plan and practice the conversation:
The Check-in 
Chats for Life 
There are also some great tips on the R U OK? website.

If you don't feel like having a chat with him, would you feel comfortable discussing your concerns with a trusted person at your school, such as a teacher or counsellor?