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Re: I don't understand Part-Time Jobs

Those are some really great strategies @VM-Ash! It sounds like you are really aware of your own needs, which is so great and can be so helpful when searching for jobs. It sounds like you have some good things planned out, hope they turn out to be great Heart

Re: I don't understand Part-Time Jobs

Hi @VM-Ash! I know exactly how you feel because this was me at the end of year 12! I applied for retail jobs which I honestly didn't want to do and didn't get any. It felt like I was doomed because I didn't have the experience to get the job. A lot of people I knew got jobs in/after high school because a) their parents set them up for it, b) they got them through their volunteer experience in year 10, or c) they applied for Christmas casual work and got lucky. I was none of the above, and also resented the idea of doing retail or food work when I'd never want to work in those industries. Some tips I have include:

1. Look at your desired career and go backwards with what you'd need to be able to do. Personally, I went into high school tutoring after school as a job in second year uni as my marks are good and I want to do psychology, so makes more sense for me to work with clients than make food. Since you're wanting to work in music or theatre you can consider what side of this you want to do and what jobs match. Writing, creating or production/events? I know people who got into the production side of it and kept that as intermittent casual work- some through workplace experience, but others not until they'd gotten some experience in uni that they could actually use as leverage on a resume (a lot of employers will take more kindly to a first year uni student than a kid out of high school because they have a bit more knowledge I think). People who want to go into more of the content creating side are better off spending their time doing a portfolio over the break and finding something random to do, so I agree with your commission idea!

2. What skills do you have that you have built up over having hobbies? You do gaming, do you have a strong grasp of videogames on the market or of IT or software? Could you find a place that would appreciate those skills? My friend loves animals and so got a job at a pet shop because she already had experience with fish and bird keeping, for example. Another person I know did a barista course so got a job at a café. 

3. Consider why you want or need a job. Is it just for money? I know that some people just answer online surveys to make some cash on the side without having the stress of work.

4. You've just finished year 12, I don't always think you HAVE to get a job now! Especially if you're already struggling a bit with burnout. While I definitely did have some feelings of inferiority with not getting a job right away, I've found myself happier with waiting to find my job which is casual than making myself think that I need a part time or even full time job. At the end of the day I think jobs are really one of those things where you'll only get the job you're meant to get at that point in time.

I hope you have some luck in your search either way Smiley Happy