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Re: I feel like everything is going down

@ShanT I'm so sorry you've had to go through so much..

Roughly 10% of people are lgbtq. That's 10% across all cultures, countries and populations.

There are so many people with shared experiences, and even more you care about you, even if they've never seen your face or heard your name. There's a huge amount of support out there for you, even though it's hard to find it sometimes.


Speaking of support, would any of these links be helpful? is a Sri Lankan gay and queer rights organisation, because my knowledge of lgbtiq issues in Sri Lanka is pretty small.. and are both Australian gay and queer support organisations.


One other suggestion; connecting with other gay people for support in real life.

The Freedom Centre might be a good place to start, and since it's pride month (I think) there will probably be a few events going on.