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I feel so alone and don’t know how to cope with everything

Hi, I thought I’d give this a go cause what have I got to lose? So I’m gay and in the closet and it’s been over two years of this with no one to talk to about it and no lgbt+ friends. I have anxiety and depression and have come out to my psychologist so there is a little bit of support there, but I just wish I had a friend who knew what this was like and could help me through it. I just want this part of my life to be over, I want to skip ahead to when I’m out of school and can date other girls and have lgbt friends and be comfortable with my sexuality. I just want someone who understands me.

Re: I feel so alone and don’t know how to cope with everything

Hey @Pizza17 welcome to the forums.


Thanks so much for your post. Please know you're so not alone with this, and have come to the right community for support (heaps of members who identify as lesbian & bi). Not having LGBT friends can be a drainer, I am gay myself and have only one other gay female friend so I hear you Smiley Happy Sometimes it's the small things that you wish you had a few more people to relate with on hey? When you're out of school it definitely will be a tonne easier but also, there's potential for you to enjoy your identity whilst still in school too Smiley Happy Have you heard of Minus18? They actually put on same sex formals for LGBT youth. 


Any other members want to jump in here Heart go for it


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Re: I feel so alone and don’t know how to cope with everything

Hi @Bree-RO, thanks for the support Smiley Happy 

yes I have heard of minus 18 but sadly they’re events and things are very far from where I live. I’m also worried about getting involved with things like this as I am in the closet and don’t want people to find out/I wouldn’t be able to keep it from my family. It’s easier if I just stick to the internet at this point. 

Re: I feel so alone and don’t know how to cope with everything

Hey @Pizza17

Welcome Smiley Happy

I honestly feel like sexuality shouldn't be a big deal in this day and age, but it's your choice when you come out to your family and friends and it's totally fine when you decide to do it.

I just saw the film Love, Simon and it was such a good film and I highly recommend you see it, as you could no doubt relate to it on a personal level.


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: I feel so alone and don’t know how to cope with everything

hi @Pizza17 i can relate to alot of what your saying. im Bi but im still in the closet and also dont know anyone else who is the same as me.  so im rather stuck too. im out of school and still havent come out. im still learning alot about myself as well and i dont find theres any rush. alot of people are accepting of lbgti nowadays and im sure if i was to come home with another female then there wouldnt be too much troubles. 


theres a site called QLIFE and they offer free counselling as well if you would like some more support as well as info on coming out and talking to others 

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**