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I keep messing things up.

I keep messing things up.

Like I have a terrible memory and it keeps getting me into strife! and I swear it's been getting worse. I also have this terrible thing where I keep miss reading things or Think I have done something when I haven't.

As soon as i finish talking about a topic half the time i forget what I talked about. or as soon as i look away from an object or something online I forget its there. whenever I wanna ask someone something and they say "Hold that thought for a second" and after a few seconds ask me what I wanted to say and I forget.

Miss reading:
I'll miss read an email or questions or notifications and think its one thing when its actually another thing. So I get Dates wrong and times wrong.

Things that I thought I've done when I didn't:
Today I found out that my parents haven't been recieveing the emails from my university about the rent. So my rent was supposed to be due a few months back but I didn't know that my parents weren't getting the emails but I was. So now I'm being cut off from my Subject sign on until its paid for...

There are alot more than this but essentially I'm annoyed at myself for messing up alot and everyone else is started to get sick of it as well and I don't know how I can improve to reduce these things from happening.
(Improve my memory, stop miss reading things)

Re: I keep messing things up.

hey there @Flareshu welcome to the Reach Out forum with your first post =) I guess we all don't have perfect memories, attention to detail and concentration all of the time - but it seems like all of this is really affecting you at the moment?

Have you spoken to anyone about it at uni or to friends/family?

Re: I keep messing things up.

Yes i am! 

At my uni they have free counselling for all students and shes been really healpful in the past! 

But yeah its always just a bunch of little things all the time that builds up over time. Im glad that there are these forums and have good friends to talk to!

Thank you!

Re: I keep messing things up.

that's great, care to share anything that's worked in the past? little tip?

Re: I keep messing things up.

I find I have memory problems when I start a new job and I can be forgetful. What I do is I write a list of everything I need to do, check things off as I complete them and I also do a few breathing exercises throughout the day to stop me from getting flustered and overwhelmed. I find this helps me make sure I do everything and do everything properly.

Re: I keep messing things up.

Hey @Flareshu


I just wanted to check in and see how things are going.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ