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Re: I'm Alone

I'm so sorry to read this especially after a good meeting with your housemates; it really sucks Smiley Sad I really hope you get some good news regarding a place to stay soon.  Regarding your job, would Fair Work be able to offer you advice?   I know the government announced a range of different packages designed to help people who've lost work and/or income as a result of COVID-19.  This links to the government website that lets you know what payments are available, who is eligible etc.  I'm not sure if you've already looked at these. 


These are truly tough times for so many people, but we are all here for you Heart Heart 

Re: I'm Alone

Well, I'm back. Vanished for a bit there, but I'm ok, don't worry.

I guess things worked out sorta ok in the end. I'm now staying with one of the friends I was going to move with and it's been so much better. I should be able to have an income again soon too as I'm eligible for jobkeeper, thank goodness.

I also might have a girlfriend; I met a girl online and we've been talking and it's cute Smiley Happy

Hopefully nothing new comes up, I'm reasonably ok now.

Re: I'm Alone

Hey @Remi , 


Thanks so much for coming back and keeping us updated on how you're doing. I'm so glad to hear that your living situation is better for you, and that you'll have an income again once JobKeeper kicks in. It sounds like a lot of stress has lifted for you - and it's awesome to hear that you have a potential girlfriend in the picture too Smiley Happy


It's awesome to hear that things are looking up for you, you've shown a lot of strength in coping with a lot of different things hitting you at once, and I'm so happy to hear that things are working out well. Keep us posted on how you're getting on Smiley Happy


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