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Re: I'm exhausted from my anxiety

@MisoBear, 'Comes out of no where' is a pretty accurate description lol. I've recently had what I could only describe as a 'freak out session' that was completely unprovoked. One minute I'm joking and laughing with my friends and the next I really need to go to the bathroom so that I get away from everyone. I had to drive everyone home but they were asking me what was wrong and I couldn't speak. Only after I dropped off my friend could I pull over and burst into tears and I STILL didn't have a reason for what I was crying about! It would've been hilarious to me if I wasn't so genuinely scared and sad lol.
I guess I just want to know wtf is going on with my head. Though I find journaling has been really therapeutic for me (Thanks @WheresMySquishy for the Articles that gave me that advise!); even if it's just me talking to myself (like usual) bit by bit, I feel like I'm documenting progress and even bad days can be learning opportunities... Or so I'm hoping! lol
Also; Really love the John Green quote & that book btw.


Re: I'm exhausted from my anxiety

@Secret_Pigeon oof... my panic attacks are sometimes like that, they can be really awful...

I hate how difficult it can be to figure out what might trigger them...

How are you going at the moment?

Also, I'm glad that journaling is helpful!!


Re: I'm exhausted from my anxiety

Hey @Secret_Pigeon, I'm so glad that you've been finding journalling helpful! It's something I find useful as well Smiley Happy

Do you reckon you would have - or could in future - spoken to one of your friends about what was going on for you when you were feeling so sad and panicked?

Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy  

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: I'm exhausted from my anxiety

@Tiny_leaf Yeah, not a fun time! I rate it a (-20/10).
May I ask; do you think this is a panic attack? I just get too in my head about this stuff that I feel like I can't be trusted to compare what I think is happening to what is actually happening (if that makes sense). I almost get annoyed that I don't get some of the physical symptoms of a panic attack that I've researched about. Cause if, like I knew this was DEFINITELY "something", I think I would feel more comfortable asking for help, because I then I can point to it and say "yup, this is me, research it at your leisure, so I don't have to explain something I don't even understand!".
But to answer your question... I'm alright(?). It's just that my default state seems to be guilt and fear. I CAN feel happy, I know it and I HAVE had good days, It's just that they almost don't seem real afterwards. But telling myself that they're real and valid is good enough at the moment.

Re: I'm exhausted from my anxiety

@Secret_Pigeon it might be, but I can't really say without actually being you...


It is worth noting that panic attacks can look really different for different people though. Some people only get the physical symptoms, some people get none of the physical symptoms, some people do get the physical symptoms but are too anxious to even register them at the time.

I don't think many people have all the symptoms though, for example, my panic attacks almost never involve shaking/ trembling.


The (kinda...) good news is that panic attacks are a pretty common symptom, so if you get professional help you shouldn't have to teach them what's going on, because chances are they have seen it before.


If you want to tell people in your life what's going on, it's okay to say that you think it might be a panic attack while you're working out whether or not it is.

That way they can still look up what a panic attack actually is without you having to explain the whole thing to them.