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I'm hurting the love of my life

hi there


I don't know how to begin. just to make clear, I have never done this before, so I don't know how to just.. yeah be like you guys. 

but lately i've been feeling so sad every hour of the day. i often cry on the toilet in the school breaks and every night when I fall asleep, it feels like there's a huge stone in my stomach and I can barely breath. I had some rough years when i was younger. my step-dad was an alcoholic, and did some horrible stuff to me and my mother. my mom has depression, and barely speaks to me. and whats even worse... I think i'm falling in love. love should be a wonderful thing, and it is... but.. i fell in love with this girl, (I am a girl myself) and i can't get her out of my head. we're like a couple, but her religion won't allow us. so we are a secret, and it's so damn difficult to hide the person you love. i just wanna stand up and scream to the world "she's mine" I love her. we have been fighting a lot more than we used to, and I'm afraid it's too hard on her... you know, all this. her parents says they would litterly kill her if they found out she was with a girl. i can see the love of my life, having a bad time, be so damn sad and confused. and it's my fault. she has to hide who she is because of me. it's my fault.. isn't it? 

Re: I'm hurting the love of my life

Hi @Rainalittle - welcome to Reach Out! It can be really intimidating to reach out for the first time and share your story, so well done. That took a lot of courage.


I just want to say that it's absolutely not your fault! We cannot help who we fall in love with, most of our problems would be solved if that was possible! Your girlfriend is caught in a difficult situation, between her family's beliefs and her feelings for you and I understand how hard that must be for you both. When you're in love you just want to share it with the world, but in your case there are potentially some awful consequences for doing so. I think the most important thing you can do at this stage is let this girl know you care about her and will support her in any way you can. Is there a LGBTI group near you where you might be able to go together and share some time together safely, or speak to a counsellor there?


You mentioned in another thread that you are from Denmark, and I found this website that offers telephone and online counselling (at least I think it does, it's all in Danish!). This forum is based in Australia so you may not be able to access the help services we list on our site, but if you do feel alone and overwhelmed there are people you can talk to.

Re: I'm hurting the love of my life

oh wow... I don't even know what to say. thank you so much... I can't explain how much it means to me that you responded. sometimes I feel so lonely, because i don't know who I should go to and tell all this.


you found "livslinjen! as we call it in Danish, I didn't know this side existed, so for that and so much more... THANK YOU! i showed your response to my girlfriend, and she couldn't stop smiling. God I love her... 


I don't know how the future looks like, but I do know.. that I love her, and I will fight for this to succeeds! 


the love of my life.. her 

Re: I'm hurting the love of my life

So cute how much you care about her! Dont feel guilty, love is love! And you have every right to want to show that to the world. Make sure you guys support eachother, and hopefully everyone else will come around!


Good luck to you guys, I hope everything works out Smiley Happy