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I need advice.. (BULLYING)

So, I'm in year 8 of high school. I have friends and good people that I would trust with a lot of the things that I have. But there is one person who I think does not like me. He is in our friends group because he is friends with my friends. Let's refer to him as Mr. Bully. I play a game called League of Legends and it is the thing that means a lot to me because it takes my mind off of what Mr. Bully probably said that day. I'm not that good at the game and Mr. Bully knows that and you can imagine the horrible things that he says to me (he also plays the game). All the time the words that I hear are "You're so bad at this game hahaha" or "Did you just start the game?". All of these things slowly and slowly lower my self esteem. This has been going on since the start of year 7 and it wasn't that bad at the start but it is really starting to affect me and I need advice and help on how to handle this situation and what to say to Mr. Bully to get him to stop.


- Rossofto :-)


( This is the first time I have used this website, so I'm sorry if the story wasn't detailed enough :/ )

Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

@Rossofter - hello and thank you for sharing this experience with us! Smiley Happy Have you spoken to anyone else about how Mr Bully treats you and how it makes you feel?

I think it's great that you've identified League of Legends as something you can do to get your mind off things. What else do you reckon you could do to help yourself in this situation?



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Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

Hey @Rossofter and welcome to RO!


Hmm it's always a tricky one when the bully is in our group of friends huh? ReachOut has a pretty awesome article about bullying [here] you may find helpful with this issue around Mr. Bully. Have you asked Mr. Bully to cut it out? Sometimes this doesn't change their behaviour, however it means that when you go the next step, say talking to a close friend, teacher or counsellor, you can let them know you've already asked for this person to cut it out and they have ignored you (or in some cases, they actually listen and stop with the silly comments!).


Would you feel comfortable speaking with a school counsellor or teacher?


My other hot tip for you would be never let anyone have control over your self worth. His silly comments are a reflection of his own problems not yours. Look forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy


@DruidChild @scared01 @safari93 - any advice for our new friend?

Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

hi @Rossofter welcome to the forums

here im sure youll find the support you need

i know how it feels to be bullied i was bullied going through school myself

its hard to find the balance between do i tell or do i ignore.. i get that

i suggest though that you talk to a trusted teacher or a year advisor if you ahve one of those and see what they say and see if they can sort something out as well

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

Hey @Rossofter! Welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


That sounds really tough, and despite the challenges that you've been experiencing I think you've done an amazing job of identifying your strengths - it's awesome that you have some good friends and that you love the League of Legends game!! 


I agree that if it's been going on for so long, it might be time to get a parent, teacher, or school counsellor involved. Schools are often really well trained in responding to bullying so hopefully they would be able to help you. It's not okay for Mr Bully to treat you this way. 

I also wonder if any of your friends know what's going on? They also might be able to support you. 


Tell us more about what you like about League of Legends! I've never heard of it before - is it an online game? If it's online and Mr Bully's being cruel to you online as well, there may be game moderators or coordinators who could step in and help, I know this happened with someone I know who was getting bullied on Minecraft servers. 


Remember that whatever Mr Bully says to you is HIS problem - you know better than he does about what you're good at and what your strengths are. You can ignore his comments because they're not true. Bullies often say things just to get a reaction and by ignoring his comments you might demonstrate that he doesn't have power of you. 

Remember that you don't have to deal with this alone! Lots of people are around to support you Heart

Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

Hey @Rossofter,


People have been giving a lot of good suggestions here. One thing that might also help if does Mr. Bully say these things to you in person or in the game? If it's during the game maybe you can just block/mute him.

Re: I need advice.. (BULLYING)

Hey @Rossofter! I'm also in high school at the moment and I get what you mean. I guess people don't realise that they're hurting you until you tell them. Definitely been there done that! It's really important to remember that only you choose how you respond to things. It doesn't matter what people say, if you have self worth, you are worth as much as you think you are if that makes any sense..... You have lots ahead of you and it's important that you keep your head up and focus on the friends that you have around you. I'm wishing you the best of luck! Tell me how you go! (Only if you're comfortable)