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I need help Plz

Hi my name is Ashliegh Marie

I need help being Independent on my own with talking to people, saving money if anyone can help me.

What should I do ? 


Re: I need help Plz

Hi Ashleigh, it's great you found us here and are able to ask questions about what's on your mind. Welcome to the forums, have you check out our guidelines yet -
I just wanted to let you know we've edited your post coz we can't have full names here - we're anonymous.

Becoming independent and making new friends can be hard at first but it's definitely something that becomes easier with a bit of practice!

Every Monday night we have a live session talking about different issues, you might find some helpful tips on talking to people here:

and have a read of our one on money:

Does anyone else have some ideas for Ashleigh?

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Re: I need help Plz

Hey Ashleigh Marie Smiley Happy 


Welcome to Reachout.


Being independent is hard and it does take one step at a time. Talking to people can just take the courage of just saying hie, going to a group, community or volunteering can help you meet new people. I have met people wherever I go because I'm not afraid to say hie and start a conversation and sometimes that's all it takes Smiley Happy 


Saving money takes a lot of self control, if you are working you can start with saving up small amounts at a time from your pay and just restraining yourself from using it. It is also really good to have something to save for like a car or a holiday because it can give you the motivation to save more. 


Hope that helps 

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Re: I need help Plz

Hey Ashleigh Smiley Happy

When I moved to a new area away from my parents I felt exactly the same way when it came to meeting and talking to new people. A couple of ways which helped me get around this were:

  1. Being more confident with myself (I thought of myself as an explorer in a new world haha)
  2. Joining clubs and teams of things I was passionate about like the local social basketball comp so I could meet like minded people.

Another thing which you can do if you are having trouble talking to people is join your local Toastmasters which is an organisation run in many communities which meets every fortnight or so to help people build confidence and practise their communication skills.


For money saving don't shop on an empty stomach you'll end up buying too much (mainly junk haha) Smiley Wink

Umm in all seriousness I think the best way to save money is to realistically define how much you spend your money on per week and try to stick to those targets by keeping that set amount in an account. The rest should go to a separate savings account or a Term deposit.


All the Best Smiley Happy





Re: I need help Plz

Hi there Smiley Happy


It’s really great you’re thinking about these things because social independence and saving money are both important.

Ruenhonx has given you some excellent ideas about how you can give yourself opportunities to speak with others by yourself. Sometimes you really need to just push yourself into something new even though it can seem a bit scary at first! Before you know it you’ll be super confidant chatting with new people.


Saving money can be really tricky, generally because it’s hard to control ourselves from buying that new piece of clothing or whatever. Making a budget is a really good way of tracking what you’re spending and then you can figure out which costs you can try and reduce. Once you save up a bit of money aswell you can open up a high interest savings account with your bank and you’ll get paid for just storing your money!


If you have any other questions, feel free to reply.