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I need help with absolutely everything

hey guys Smiley Happy 


lately ive been kinda down and i break down all the time. nobody knows at all, but recently its just getting so bad to the point that now i always find myself thinking of suicide. I know i shouldnt but its so much easier. Ive always been against self harm and suicide until now. I dont self harm though but its just been getting so bad that i think i might need to seek some help soon before i might do something silly. 

The problem is, though, i never tell anybody anything and i dont know how to approach for help from the school counsellor, because i dont really want to tell anyone. But, the only way to get a session with the school counsellor is to tell a few friends so that they can explain my absence to my teachers. Its just hard to do anything Smiley Sad i feel so worthless  and i dont cxare about my life anymore. Im always filled with sadness and my mind is a complete mess. 


please help me, on how to approach some people, ive tried but its just so hard because i always feel that people cant be trusted and i just feel so hopeless in everything i do... Smiley Sad i really want some help but i cant find the courage to do anything about it. I just feel like i shouldnt even exist. 

So i really just need help with approaching somebody, and really fixingmyself up, i dont want anyone to worry about me though and i really just want to feel okay again Smiley Sad thank you so much in advanced Smiley Happy



Re: I need help with absolutely everything

Hey pipper 


It is great that you are talking about it and you should be proud of yourself that you are seeking help and coming onto the forums is a first step forward. It is terrible that you are feeling this way about yourself and sadness can really be an overwhelming feeling that can make your situation worse. So many people think of suicide when we are going through a tough time but not many talk about it and you are which is very courageous.


Talking about what you are going through can actually lighten the load and not telling people not only is a heavy burden on you but it takes so much energy to pretend like everything is okay. Have you spoken to any of your friends about what you are going through? 


I find that writing letter or emails is the best way to say something without actually saying anything. When my sister was going through a tough time and felt sad she didnt want to tell me in fear of what I would do or say or that I would worry so instead she wrote me a letter. I find this is helpful way of communication because you dont get interrupted and people will listen to you more once they know how you are feeling and what you are going through. 


Worrying is human nature, people worry when you walk by yourself to school, or drive in the rain or when you are not doing well at school but wouldn't you rather get the help that you need and the support from the people around you regardless of them worrying because they will worry anyway? If it is hard for you to tell anyone or write a letter maybe you could start with speaking to one of the help lines that can help you figure out what you are going through and maybe find ways of coping.


You can either call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 and if you are thinking about suicide again and want to speak to someone about it there is also Suicide call back on 1300 65 94 67


I hope this helps and please let us know how you go, we are always here to support you 


Take care 

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Re: I need help with absolutely everything

I think RU has given some great advice and I know that I have fuond when I have finally told someone when I am having a tough time - I do feel lighter...

I'm sure that you make an appointment with your school counsellor directly. Just tell them what you have told us here - or even show them what you wrote here (cut and paste it into an email or print it out)...

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Re: I need help with absolutely everything

heya Pipper - just wanted to check in and see how you're getting on, we'd love to hear how you're going so please let us know Smiley Happy


Re: I need help with absolutely everything

aw thank you for your concern Smiley Happy i  have read all the comments and im so appreiciative of everybodys help Smiley Happy 

i havent had a chance to tell anybody yet, as its holidays at the moment and i was thinking of telling my friend. I ve actually gotten better Smiley Happy and id like to thank you all for your help and concern. Im not sure if im getting better because ive stayed away from school but, i am definetly getting better. 

So yes Smiley Happy thank you i have gotten betterSmiley Happy and as soon as i get back to school i will tell a friend and if i still need extra support i will defintely talk to the school counsellor Smiley Happy thank you so much guys Smiley Happy i am so appreiciative and i wish you all have a beautiful week Smiley Happy thank you so much Smiley Happy 


thank you so much for your concern Smiley Happy if you ever need help please talk to me  Smiley Happy i dont want anybody feeling as horrible as i am Smiley Happy thank you so much!

Re: I need help with absolutely everything

That's awesome to hear, Pipper. Smiley Happy

Re: I need help with absolutely everything

Yay, look at all those smiley faces, I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a bit more positive Smiley Very Happy


Re: I need help with absolutely everything

So glad things are looking up pipper.

And wow there is a lot of smileys in that post. Bought a smile to my face!
Smiley Happy

Re: I need help with absolutely everything

thank you so much guys Smiley Happy you are all so beautiful, people like you are the reason why people like me smile at all Smiley Happy thank you so muchSmiley Happy im trying! thank you so much for your support and or being here for me when nobody else was. thankyou Smiley Happy i mean itSmiley Happy