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I need help with my Anger

I’ve had anger issues for a while now, I’ve always been an aggressive kid, I’m only 16 as of right now, my dad went to jail when I was around 5-6 I got so angry because he was gone, then he came back when I was 12, then went off radar, I felt unwanted and I felt thrown away, I hated him, that’s when my anger started. It was minor but as the years have past I’ve become more dangerous and more aggressive and so full of hate. If I get mad I act before I think. I’ve broken game controllers, punched holes into walls, and yelled at people I never would want to. My hatred is what scares me. It drives me crazy sometimes just how much I can hate people. There’s one kid, We will say his name is Ryan, who treats my most favorite person in the world like she’s a god damn slave, I want to hurt him, but this girl that he treats horrible is the girl who holds me back, she keeps me calm, she makes me forget what hate felt like, she makes me happy, even at the worst times. Even when my father died in January, which affected me because he came back and I just got hope he wa showing to be in my life normally again, but this girl could control me and make me smile. Now she is leaving for good, I’ll never see her again, I love her and I need her. Now I’m worried I’ll make a big mistake and get someone hurt. I just need help or advice, or even a new friend to talk to.

Re: I need help with my Anger

Hey there @mydarkreverie 

Thanks for sharing with us - it sounds like your anger can feel pretty overwhelming and out of control at times.

It's great to hear that your friend was able to support and help you - but sorry to hear that she's leaving - that must be hard.

What was it that she helped you to tap into to gain some control over your anger? Is there a way that you can continue to use the strategies she helped you to use, while she's gone/? 


We have some info over here about anger that you might find helpful.   - What do you think of some of the strategies and ideas? 

I'm also going to send you an email to the email address that you signed up for, if you can keep an eye out for it. 


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Re: I need help with my Anger

Hey @mydarkreverie it sounds like things have been quite rough for you for a while. Smiley Sad

First of all, I want to recognise your resilience. You've been through a lot, and the fact that you've posted on here and have identified your anger as something you want to address is a really great step.

I'm wondering if there are any activities you find calming - what sorts of things give you the greatest joy?

Maybe you can start by trying to focus on those when you're feeling angry.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Re: I need help with my Anger

Usually Playing Guitar Helps me but I can’t always do that, my anger is usually at school, most people piss me off quite a bit, but music helps a bit, that girl cleared all the hate out of my head whenever I felt it, she was a barrier from reality and I lost all those feelings

Re: I need help with my Anger

It wasn’t strategies,she would either hold my hand or hug me, she would talk to me, she would tell me everything was going to be ok and I knew she meant it because she’s the only person I trust, she would sing to me sometimes too.

Re: I need help with my Anger

Hi @mydarkreverie and welcome to the forums! It sounds like you've been through a lot in your life. It must be frustrating for you to experience these moments of anger. I'm also sorry about the loss of your father. Smiley Sad

Is there any way you can keep in touch with this girl? Perhaps she can continue to support you over social media, emails, texts or phone conversations.