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I need help..

I came here because I need help, I am at the point of giving up...

This poem I wrote really describes me...

The voices in my head, they keep telling me to do it,
Just one more [words removed].
I think I'm f*cking crazy, everyone seems to agree.
They all tell me to listen to the voices and be done with life
As soon as the [words removed], it doesn't stop.
Delving deeper into my life as the voices get louder.
The voices never silence until I'm [words removed] the floor.
They don't give me one moment of peace.
They destroy me with their own thoughts.
Just one [words removed],
Thats all it will take.
With the music screaming and the door locked,
I get the [words removed]
I get the [words removed],
I have the [word removed] and it's real.
I think I'm f*cking crazy,
They know,
Crazy is not what I am.
The voices in my head tell me what I am.
Just one [self harm],
To end the life so short.
The voices inside my head made me do it.
One last tear is all they see.

Someone please help me before its too late....

Re: I need help..

Hi @AdommyLambliff. Thank you for reaching out and being so honest with us here, that takes great courage.


I am sorry I have had to edit your post to fit within our guidelines. Your poem shoes incredible self expression and was really well written, but it could also be very triggering to other forum members who we also want to keep safe.


It gave me a clear insight into just how overwhelmed and scared you must feel at the moment. It is great that you are seeking help.


@AdommyLambliff I am concerned about your safety. Are you safe at the moment? Do you have a plan to harm yourself? Please call 000 immediately if you are at risk.


If you need someone to talk to please call Lifeline 13 11 14 or KHL 1800 55 1800 (if you are 25 or under) or use their options for online chat. There is also the Suicide Call Back service on 1300 659 467. Will you contact one of these services?


You spoke of hearing voices. You might be interested in reading about some of the strategies our other forum members deal with voices or reading this story. Your line "Crazy is not what I am." is very true, you are not crazy.


Please let us know how you are doing.

|| Life runs in cycles, the wheel never stops turning, no matter how dark the night morning comes, no matter how cold the winter, spring comes. When you feel despair know that the wheel is turning, joy will come. ||

Re: I need help..

Welcome to ReachOut @AdommyLambliff. You are clearly a very talented writer and have so much strength to share your feelings with us.


It is also clear that you are in an incredible amount of pain inside and looking for a way to end the pain and sadness you feel. Which makes sense – no one should have to be feeling the way you are. There are other solutions that we can help you find, though, so I'm glad you have turned to us.


When you said 'please help me before it's too late' it worries me that you might be at risk of harm tonight. ReachOut is not a crisis service but we are here to support you. It is vital that you call the Suicide Call Back Service, they are available 24/7, or if you are in immediate danger, call 000 now. Will you do that? We'd really like to keep talking to you to find solutions together. Please let us know that you're safe.

Re: I need help..

Hey @AdommyLambliff


How're you feeling today? 

Did you check out the links and resources that @ClCl and @Kit have provided? 


We're all ears here so let us know how you're going. 

Stay excellent

Re: I need help..

Hey @AdommyLambliff,


I've read your poem  and was very moved by how deep, descriptive and representative it is of what your going through. It's amazing how such a short poem can be so impactful, you are clearly very talented and are going through some excruciatingly painful stuff at the moment.


Do you feel as if you are safe today? I urge you to contact a few help lines just for a chat. You could call Lifeline on 13 11 14, Headspace on 1800 650 890, Kids Helpline (ages between 5 and 25) on 1800 55 1800, or any other resources that you think could help you. This page from Beyond Blue has some great resources.


@Myvo@Kit, and @ClCl have all made some great points already. I just want you to know that we don't think your crazy and that we are all (and the rest of the Reachout Community) here to support you.


Here to help,



Re: I need help..

Hey there, @AdommyLambliff


I think that poem you wrote was really expressive and well written! You obviously have tonnes of creative, writing talent! Keep writing poems or anything for that matter, whether you post them here or not. It can be really thearuptic to express your thoughts and feelings that way and let them out. I myself, like to write, especially poems and I wrote many of them when i was ill. It got me through a lot, and de-clutttered my head a little. 


On that note, I have a little poem for you that I wrote as a sort of reply, to your poem. I hope you don't mind @AdommyLambliff and I hope it provides a sense of comfort and knowing you are not alone in how you feel and where you are at right now. 


The voices in your head, they keep on telling you to do it,

but hear me now, as this single voice tells you, you don’t have to at all.  

You may think you’re crazy, when the voices banter at you endlessly,

that you should just be done with life and you listen to these voices that are never, ever silent.

I am one voice too though, perhaps just a whisper, but there nonetheless,

that encourages you to live and spears you forward, through walls as thick as thieves.

There seems to be no peace, the voices are destructive with their thoughts,

but you are still here, standing, strong and tall.

The music is screaming loud and the door is locked tight,

You have it, it’s real and it wouldn’t take much to end it all, as the voices urge you on.

There is another voice though, if you listen really hard,

the voice that made you come here today, the voice that expressed a need for help.

And if you listen even more, delve a little deeper, you’ll find that there are other voices too.

Not the ones you’re used to, as they’re speaking words, perhaps you’ve never heard before.

They tell you that you can do this, your life is worth much more than this.

One of them, had voices in her head like you once upon a time,

that plagued her entire world and she swore she was beyond crazy with the amount of tears that fell.

But she wants you to know as you read this, things can get better.

Inner voices can fade and be gone, she became resilient and believes you can do the same.

Hope is all around you, help is never as far from your reach as you might think,

Put it down and unlock the door, there is so much waiting to be found.

You won’t feel like this forever and the light will rain down upon you,

Take it from a stranger, that’s been in a darkened forest too.

All you have to do is look up at the moon and follow it's rays,

and it will lead you through the trees.

A tear will fall for sure, it may be the last one, the voices see,

But it won’t be the end, merely a beginning and a new life is there, ready and waiting for you.






Re: I need help..

hey mods,

wasnt sure where to write this but chose here for obvious all know "voices "can be really distressing. anyone struggling with them can be overwhelmed quickly and loose hope in an instant.

there are great resources out there which have helped me and can provide instant hope for a sufferer.

please consider mentioning the "voice hearers network" to voice hearers. thats what their there for and in my experience do a great job.

i can offer you guys really great resources to check out eg..inspirational dvds from people with lived experiences who fought their way to a type of recovery,or some kind of releif.,,also theres amazing work being done by people in great Britain,,,,, if you think there ok then you can start recommending them to those really struggling with this.

please let me know how i can get some info to you guys .....ive done all the hard work , all the research and have routed out some really good resources.

i ve been thru the hospital thing, the medications, the diagnosis, the psych drs......ive done the mental health merry go rounds till i was dizzy......anyway,,,guess i get emotional but i feel their struggles and know what its like. im much better now and people need to know this doesnt have to be a life sentence. to all the voice hearers,,at the very least please know there is a fighting chance for you to improve your life and gain some control.


Re: I need help..

Hey @ jolly roger, it's awesome that you so actively want to offer help an support to others on RO! That's a really caring and kind thing to do. Smiley Happy


Please send any links or articles that you'd like to share on RO to and the Reach Out team will take a look at them and let you know if they're ok to post.


Also, I had to edit your post a bit just to take out the name of the person you mentioned doing work in Great Britan, as that info can still steer people towards certain things that haven't been approved for RO yet.


Thanks again for offering your support for others on RO!

Re: I need help..

hey moonwalk, thank you for your response,,,,i understand,,, for your info ,that guy i mentioned has been brought to australia twice by leading australian mental health groups and has given talks and held teaching seminars here on understanding and dealing with voices and paranoia.  he is a must have resource and a world leader in managing voices and paranoia. anyone struggling with voices or visions and especially paranoia which can be dreadful  or anyone involved in a support role in mental health should make it a top priority if the opportunity arises to attend his talks or to get familiar with his work, im hoping you guys will agree.

my local young peoples mental health or headspace was giving out voices hearer network stuff from a few years ago.

i help where i can because having improved i know what its like,,,,also it makes me feel good and helps me heaps to offer something to others. its a win win.....

it will take me a couple of days but i will put some stuff together. its all bookmarked here somewhere. its mostly what ive already mentioned with a few additions. for some people meds help, for others they dont,,,i think its very important for people who are stuggling with voices and paranoia to know there is more than just meds and psych wards for them.

has this become a rant ,,,,,,i do get carried away sometimes,,,anyway again thanks for your consideration.

Re: I need help..

oh crap,,,who stole my sports car,,,,i had a kool car as my totem now ive got like a pink cube......ripped off. ok, ill be good,i promise,,,Man Wink give me my car back....Smiley LOL