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I need to be skin and bones!!!

I have so many symptoms of anorexia.

I worry about putting on weight, I think and look fat, I have skipped meals, I exercise after I eat, I weigh myself more then once a day, avoiding high fat foods, I can't focus on my school work, and I have soft downy hair growing all over my body...


I've tried starving myself.. But then I always end up eating so I don't worry my mum. And I've also put on so much weight cause I've been eating and skipping meals...

I know I'm not skinny.. But I really really wish I was skinny. I want to be skin and bones..


I'm 15 now.. I've started skipping meals since I was 13 or 14..


Re: I need to be skin and bones!!!

Hi Becky


Thanks for sharing with us here and welcome to the Reach Out forums.


You seem to already understand for yourself that "skin and bones" is not a healthy condition to be aiming for, right?


What's more important though is that you understand that thinking this way is a problem and it's something that needs to be addressed. See your doctor as soon as possible and talk to them about a proper diagnosis and some solutions. You want to start getting this sorted out quickly so you can prevent any serious damage caused by mistreating your body. Your doctor may also refer you to a specialist who can provide even better help, too.

And it's okay to worry your mum. If you're not healthy, it's important that others around you can know how to help you. Smiley Happy


Also, if you want to chat to somebody one-on-one, you can give the Butterfly Foundation a call on 1800 33 4673. They can give you some advice for how to get past this.


If someone else here has been through a similar experience, Becky, hopefully they'll be able to share that with you, too.


In the meantime, I hope that helps!


Re: I need to be skin and bones!!!

Welcome to the Reach out Community Becky!


I’ve struggled a bit with weight and body image as well but the key thing to understand is that the only way to be truly lean and fit is by eating properly and being active, sorry if I’m being a bit preachy here ><.


Skipping meals isn’t a really sustainable way of becoming skinny as because if you suppress that urge it usually comes back with a vengeance, we are made to eat! The key I think is to develop a way of maintaining an active lifestyle which you are doing by exercising but also balancing that with a healthy diet so that you can develop and maintain a lean and healthy body.



Have a read of Pointe’s story about her struggle with body image issues and extreme dieting, its a good one!


Hope it works out well :robothappy:



Re: I need to be skin and bones!!!

Hey Becky 


Thank you for coming on the forums. Not being able to focus on school all those bad things happening must be horrible and scary and that is what tends to happen when your body is feeling deprived. I skip meals as well, unintentionally though because I might not have time or don't feel hungry and sometimes eating breakfast makes me ill but when I do that my body gets exhausted and I feel tired, sleepy and my mood changes because my body is trying to tell me something. 


Your mum seems very important to you, have you told her about this? I do think she would worry because of the negative effects you are going through. 


I'm not skinny either but I have learnt to accept my body and embrace what I have which takes time and a great deal of self-awareness, have a read of this factsheet about giving your body some love,


Take care of yourself 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: I need to be skin and bones!!!

'Skin and bones'  thats not a healthy aim, its not good for your insides, its not attractive either.

If you want to be healthy and fit, keep exercising but eat more, you need 5 meals a day to fire up your metabolism, make sure you eat lots of protein and carbs or your body will deteriorate. I'm doing my personal training course if you want to chat more about healthy lifestyles etc Smiley Happy


Good Luck