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I think i have an eating disorder

Hi everyone, i really don’t know who to reach out. I don’t want to talk about this to my parents because i don’t want to worry them since i’m living alone in Australia and they’re in my home country. Around last year i was diagnosed with depression and because i finally done with the medication, i don’t really want to talk about this to my therapist either, because i don’t want to take anymore meds. In the last couple months, I watch what I eat and I am active. I tend to avoid eating out with my friends so i always make excuses to not hang out with them, because i don’t want them to know that i have not really good relationship with food. And at my lowest, i cried when i look at myself in the mirror. But that’s not always the case, sometime i feel really good about myself. But most of the time i see myself as this really big person. I am a normal weight, but i don’t know why i feel hideous. Is it fine or do i need to talk to my therapist or my parents before it’s getting worse? I don’t wanna self diagnosed but from what i read online i could have eating disorder. To be honest i am scared haha. Thanks!


Re: I think i have an eating disorder

Hi @catlovers 


That sounds like it's definitely worth talking to someone about, especially if it's affecting you this much.

You deserve to feel safe and comfortable around food.


I'm just going to tag in @Maddy-RO because they might have some resources for you.

Maddy might also have to edit out some of the details about your weight just because they can be a bit difficult for others who are struggling with similar issues.


Re: I think i have an eating disorder

Hi @catlovers, welcome to ReachOut and thank you for being so brave in reaching out for support today. What you are going through sounds really difficult, I can't imagine what that must be like for you. Please know that you are not the only one going through something like this and the community are here to support you Heart


It sounds like you are feeling quite concerned, scared and a little unsure about what you are experiencing. It can be easy to read things on the internet and think it may be relevant to us. Everyone is different and we all experience things differently. For this reason, only professionals can determine whether someone has an eating disorder. Would you feel comfortable chatting to your therapist about this? You can also talk to your parents first  -  whatever feels more comfortable for you.


There are also online professional support services like the Butterfly Foundation which offer web and telephone counselling for body image and eating concerns. They also have a lot of resources on their website which you may find helpful. You are most welcome to chat to them  about what you are going through in the meantime.

As Tiny_leaf mentioned, I did have to edit out specific details that refer to behaviours or methods related to eating disorders. These types of information can be triggering for other people who may have had similar experiences. We have a list of community guidelines that you can have a read of here Smiley Happy


Re: I think i have an eating disorder

Hi @catlovers! Welcome to the forums!

I'm so sorry that you've been struggling with depression and your relationship with your body. Smiley Sad It sounds like a really scary and isolating experience, especially as your parents are living overseas.
I can't tell you what to do, but do you feel as though this issue is having a big impact on your life?
Here are some resources for people with eating disorders that you might find helpful if you decide to seek some support. I'm also happy to chat to you if you need a listening ear. Heart