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I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

I wrote about this a few months ago, saying I wanted to tell them, but that I didn't cos I got into the normal arguments with my Mum again when I came to visit.  I put information together so that I was able to give it to them.

So last night I decided I wanted to tell them.  My sister sat in on it (she already knows and was good for moral support).

They took it how i expected. Dad asked heaps of questions while Mum sat there. She did ask one question, ‘So what brought it on?’ Yeah Ma… Bipolar doesn’t work like that. I gave them the information i collated.

Dad even asked if i needed help paying for everything. It amazes me how much better he is with understanding mental health stuff. He knows he doesn’t know anything about bipolar, but he asked all the right questions.

So, I checked in with them this morning and asked if they had through the Bipolar information I gave them and asked if they wanted me to give them more information.  Mum said that she did, but Dad said it was all too much and he couldn’t understand it, so I have given him a more basic fact sheet on it for him to read at some point.

Mum asked how they can best support me.  I just said, being aware of it and understanding it is all I want.  Oh and also, not saying, ohhhh she’s acting like this because of the bipolar, because that is no way helpful to me.  I think that’s the point I really need to get across to her.  I also told them they could tell whoever they want, because it’s not something that I’m ashamed of or anything.  I think that’s going to take a little getting used to, I’m just trying to make them understand it’s not something which has to be kept hush, hush.  More than anything I want this to be a learning opportunity for them.

Plus the more my Mum reads on it the better, as I am positive she has it too, so this might be the start for her getting some help too.  Who knows though.

I'm just really happy it went well.   

Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

wow @_sagira_ 


firstly, what a courageous step to tell your parents! it sounds like you had put a lot of thought into it and were really prepared with information. its so great that you were comfortable sharing it with them and that your sister was there to help support you through it. do you feel like a bit of a weight has been lifted off your shoulders now that they know?


it's great that your parents reacted the way they did. even though your mum asked "what brought it on" and it doesn't exactly happen like that, she was probably just trying to understand so it's great that she was asking questions and trying to find ways to help you. Woman Happy


it's important too that you clarified with them about if you're happy for them to tell other family members and people in their lives - sometimes these are things we don't always think of which can make it difficult later on but you seem to have covered it really well!


is there anyone else you are planning to tell as well, like friends or teachers? or was it mainly just your parents that you wanted to talk to about it?


do you have any tips for other people out there who may want to tell their parents, family or friends about what they are going through? how did you first bring it up and what do you think helped the conversation go successfully?


Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

I really happy for you.

Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

Thanks @lanejane just thought it would be good to follow through with my last post a few months ago.

Thanks for all your questions.
All of my close friends already know about my mental health, my parents were kind of the last ones to tell, before I start mentioning it to extended family.  My lecturer knows because I wrote about it in my reflection.  I guess the next step was to make a public announcement on facebook, but I haven't done that.

So the main thing was that I was ready for it and i was prepared as well and made sure that I said everything I wanted to say.  They already knew I was seeing a psychologist, but just didn't know about the psychiartist, the other online psychologist, the bipolar, or the meds.  So it was just about filling them in on all of that.   This made it really easy to open up the conversation and say, 'so you both know i've been seeing a psychologist while i have been at uni...'

I am having a hard time tonight though, just the whole ending with my psych, I also decided to just start tapering off my meds yesterday and the withdrawals have definitely started, I might take a bit more tonight.  The reason I'm doing this is because my psychiatrist asked me a month ago if i had tried going off them (I don't agree with her), but I guess I'm trying to be like 'see, I still need them'.  I dunno...

Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

Hey @_sagira_,

Well done on telling your folks! That is such a huge step. You were so prepared and brave. I am really glad they listened and are keen to support you.


You may have already sorted all this out and have a plan for managing, but can I ask, do you have a new Psych lined up to help you manage tapering off your meds? Or will your GP be helping you during this time? While you're transitioning from one Psych to a new one is kind of a changeover period. I don't want you to be going through a rough time with your meds without help. Maybe something to think about?








Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

@blithe Thanks for your concern, no...I don't have a new pyschiartist or anything, I don't know what's going to happen in regards to that.  I know she keeps changing her mind one min it's let's increase the dose, then...let's change the meds,...then...have you tried going off them?

Soooo...I don't find her particulalry helpful to be honest, but I don't have to pay for her that's the bonus.  I will probably sort it out in a month or so when I see her, tell her I tried going off them and that the withdrawal symptoms were bad!  (I decreased the dose by 25% and it hasn't been pleasant), so I am just back on my standard dose now until I have the time, energy and available health professionals.

Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

Hey @_sagira_,

Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear you're not getting great support from your current Psych on this, but sounds like a good decision to keep your meds stable til you're in a more supported place to change things. You're handling this so well! Good stuff.



Re: I told my parents about my Bipolar Mood Disorder last night

@_sagira I also agree its good to keep your meds the same till you have support. Hope things do improve and you do find the support you need.

You can make it through. Stay strong.