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I want to help my friend

Over the past few months have noticed my friend getting worse.

He has trouble sleeping, says that he can't fall asleep because his brain doesn't stop thinking easily. He also says that he "hates himself" in the mornings. My friend also has issues with body image which he mentions a lot in jokes and I know his parents put a whole lot of pressure on him to succeed in prescribed fields without considering what he wants. I want to help him, especially because this has become a lot worse and he doesn't have an adult that he will confide in. Also because of where he lives, it would be hard for him to go to his local GP as he would require his parents to drive him and he is just not the kind of person who wants to talk about personal issues with strangers. If anyone has dealt with something similar or have any suggestions that would be amazing! Thanks so much! 

Re: I want to help my friend

Hey @friendoftheoof 


Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to ReachOut Heart. It's very kind of you to want to help your friend.


How old is your friend? I'm guessing he doesn't drive or work? It might be an idea for your friend to contact a helpline, as they can be easily accessed for free from the comfort of his home. Kids Helpline might be a good option - they are accessible for free on 1800 55 1800 or via chat if your friend prefers. Here is their website. There are a few other options for counselling, but they might not be suitable for your friend. For example, Mindstar offer counselling via video conference, but your friend would have to pay. 


Let us know how you go with your friend Heart

Re: I want to help my friend

hi @friendoftheoof and welcome
what a good friend you are trying to help him out!
as Maddy has already suggested Kidshelpline is pretty good and they also offer weekly counselling sessions.
along with headspace-
perhaps a good things might be to suggest these websites for him to have a look at.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: I want to help my friend

hey - it's nice to hear you're trying to find some options for your friend to get some support - the one's that have been suggested already sound like they may be helpful Smiley Happy

I'm wondering how you've been feeling? i could imagine that it might be distressing to know your friend is going through a hard time. Please reach out to us if you'd like to talk about you've been going Smiley Happy


Re: I want to help my friend

Hey @friendoftheoof, I can see that several other users have responded to you, but I just wanted to jump in here and say that I really admire your determination to help your friend.

How have you been, and how has your friend been, over the past few days? Smiley Happy 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //