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I want to leave school and I feel lost

I am currently in yr10, I plan on finishing to attain a rosa or whatever they call it now but, I know that I just can't make it in yr 11 and 12. I want to do a TAFE course in Early childhood care part time and find a part-time job but I just don't know how to go about it. I talked with my school's careers advisor and an advisor from TAFE online. It's giving me so much strife.


If anyone has any advice or help it would be grateful.

Re: I want to leave school and I feel lost

Hi @MattieCJones
I don't think I've spoken to you yet here, so welcome! Smiley Happy

I think it's awesome that you are looking at other options. It's totally fine that you feel like you can't cope with years 11&12. I'm glad that you've spoken to a couple people and sorry to hear they gave you some trouble, it doesn't sound like they were helpful for you. Is that right?

Courses in Early childhood are nice. I did the tvet course in years 11&12 & then went on to do the Diploma after school. I did however drop out 3/4 of the way but that was due to poor mental health and a lack of interest. I couldn't in good conscious be an absent carer for the children. I can answer some questions you have about the course if you like 🙂 (be mindful it was back in 2014-15 so somethings may have changed)

The process to finish school and start TAFE will depend on which state you are in and your age. I know in NSW if you're under 17 you need to enrol in the course before leaving school. But if you are over 17 you need to leave school first before you can enroll. And I think you need to have finished year 10 (I could be wrong about the finishing yr10 but tho)

I hope this helps 🙂

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: I want to leave school and I feel lost

Hey there @MattieCJones,

It's great that you know what you want to do with your schooling. I'm not sure how to go about looking for TAFE courses, did the information @Bee shared help at all? I find websites like or indeed to be helpful when looking for jobs. If you're after a job in childcare, I've found that those places prefer people who have completed or are studying an early childhood course, so looking into oshc(outside school hours care) or early childhood centres is a good place to start. What do you think?

Re: I want to leave school and I feel lost

Hi @MattieCJones


I just want to say it's great to see you know what you want and have a goal set out for yourself! Sorry the advisors have been unhelpful so far. In terms of jobs, you just send your resume through to the jobs you want to apply for. Definitely look online for some tips and guides, what to put and what not to put. 


In terms of TAFE, I would assume you just have to enrol/sign up before the teaching session starts. But how to actually enrol I'm not too sure unfortunately. 

Re: I want to leave school and I feel lost

hey @MattieCJones ! my suggestion for you is to see about doing VCAL or something like that, its basically when you don't do normal English math ect but you do stuff that you will need in your life so example writing a letter. You get to do cert. course which is your TAFE but you can start earlier or you can do normal year 12 and do a VET cerf. which can get you into TAFE as well. This is what happens in VIC it might be different if you live someone else... have you thought about @Bee @N1ghtW1ng and @LeoTheLion suggestions ??

Re: I want to leave school and I feel lost

Heya @MattieCJones,

Just wondering how you're going with this. Have you followed up with any of your local TAFEs? Heart
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