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In need of help

My names Andrea, I'm 14 years old When I was 8 I noticed something different about me, I wasn't happy like everyone else was, I started self-harming and from that day on my life's been different, I have a hard time talking to people in person, or over call I get so self conscious on saying something stupid or saying something wrong, my family's always be messed up, a year ago my parents left us I am currently staying with my grandparents it's rough, I can't make friends because I can't talk to people I just I'm tired of feeling alone tired of nights being nothing but suicide thoughts and self-harming hoping to release all the pain from that day, I can't be in a room by myself without wanting to end everything, I need help and don't know what to do anymore.

Re: In need of help

Hey @Andrea Nicole and welcome to ReachOut! I know it must have been difficult to get this all out, and it's great that you're taking this first step to ask for help. It sounds like you've been having a tough time of it, and it's perfectly okay to get help if you need it.

Speaking of help, if you feel like you can't talk to anyone in your life about what you are going through right now, you could try eheadspace, which is an online support chat where you can talk to someone about what you are going through without having to meet them face-to-face. If you do feel like things are hitting breaking point for you, try Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800). 

If you'd like, you could have a look at this factsheet about feeling down. It can seem confusing to go from having a normal life to feeling sad, lonely and hopeless, but you've already made the first step of asking for help. It might seem a long way away, but you've already started the journey to a better place.


Keep us informed of how things go if you try these resources out Smiley Happy


Re: In need of help

Hey @Andrea Nicole


Sorry to hear how tough things have been for you - i'm glad that you're reaching out for support. It sounds what you're going through is a lot to handle and you shouldn't have to do it on your own.


Have you given any thought to talking to your grandparents about what you've been feeling? If not, do you think you'd be willing to call headspace to have a chat about what you're going through? You're not alone in this and many people feel this way from time to time, but there is support out there for you - you can get through this. 


Please keep in mind that if you ever feel overwhelmed and need to talk to someone, you can always contact Lifeline or the Kids Helpline as mentioned by @safari93 in the post above. 

Re: In need of help

Welcome to ReachOut @Andrea Nicole. That is a long time to be dealing with these feelings on your own. I hear that you're having a hard time and you're feeling tired of not feeling good. I'm sorry to hear that your family situation and socialising feels like a struggle for you. It takes a lot of strength to reach out like you have and it's up to you to keep going and seek further help.


Do you have a counsellor or any support person at the moment? If not, and until you do speak with someone, don't limit yourself to self harm being the only way of coping. Find other ways to express yourself like art, creative writing, etc. There's some great suggestions and distractions in this thread and this article.


I'm glad that you have turned to us. Please keep talking to us here and keep us updated with how you're doing.