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Inconsistent help

Having a problem with consistency of therapy


All I want is a program that does not only operate 9 to 5 weekdays, is affordable, can help me get better and which will not change / dissapear or inform me that I need to change to a different service.






Re: Inconsistent help

Hey @Dysfunctional 


Have you tried Headspace? Some of their centres are 9-5 weekdays, but they also have online and phone counselling, which from my understanding you can access as well as their face to face services. It might also be worth looking into your local hospital's mental health team - either child & adolescent or adult, depending on your age. They often have community clinics as well as after hours teams if people need them.



Re: Inconsistent help

Do you know if there are face to face services outside of 9-5?


The local team only operate 9-4, outside of that they are crisis only.

I could never talk to or see my case manager because I can't do 9-5.


Come's back to having a job verses getting better. I chose my job!

Now I'm alone, and I'm not sure if I can do it.


I feel like they're forcing me out of work due to lack of out of hours services.


I'll admit I have not tried headspace, but I think it only operates 9-5 too?



Re: Inconsistent help

I went to the base hospital, medicare gives you a huge amount of free sessions and the people there are available by phone any time. They have several people in one place so if you dont like a therapist there are plenty of options. Also if you call in they free appointments at anytime if you really need it and they offer to come to your house I think. go through the CAMHS/adolescent unit

Re: Inconsistent help

Also you can get leave/hours changed by them if they write it up for you

Re: Inconsistent help

Hey @Dysfunctional 


Is seeing a private psychologist with the cost offset by ATAPS an option?

My experience has been that private psychs will often see clients on Saturdays or weekday evenings to accommodate their work requirements.

It will mean that there is a shortfall you will have to cover. Is this something you might be able to cover?

Re: Inconsistent help

I see my psychologist on a mental health care plan, and its subsidised by medicare. I've never asked, but I'm sure I could see her our of work hours if I could.


This really bothers me though. What kind of society do we live in, where someone can't take a few hours off work to go see a therapist, without it being a huge deal? I could imagine what would happen if you tried to tell your boss you needed a couple of mornings a month. Unless you think you could tell your boss, and they would be cool with this. In which case, I would speak to them about it. That is unless of the unlikely situation, whereby you need every last cent from the 40 hours you work a week, in which case, you could do flexy time?


There are always options, you just need to communicate with people.

Re: Inconsistent help

Hey, @Dysfunctional ! Great to have you on the forums, though I'm sorry that you're having trouble accessing services out of hours. The beauty of the service is that it goes some way towards redressing access issues. We have moderators online until 10pm every weeknight, and other users online all hours. It's no substitute for face-to-face therapy, I know, but it's something...

Re: Inconsistent help

I will look into ATAPS...


Couple of questions...

How do I go about doing that?

How much is the stortfall?

Will I have to pay extra for out of hours?



Time off work is not an option. They would understand if I told them, but the nature of the work requires us all to be there at the same time. Would be like telling my boss to tell everyone to take a morning off once a month... Lol! is great! I agree.

Re: Inconsistent help

Hey @Dysfunctional 


Here is some info on ATAPS. You need to get a referral from a GP who will do up a mental health care plan for you.

Just make sure you let them know you want it on ATAPS rather than the Better ACCess Scheme. It provides more sessions, up to 18 per calendar year rather than 10. The only sacrifice is that you have to see a psychologist with an ATAPS number so if yours doesnt have one then you'll have to see someone else.

I can't tell you what the shortfall will be. Hopefully nothing but it depends on the psychologist, but it's definitely worth looking into.


Hope that helps. Smiley Happy