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Is life meaningless?

I’ve been thinking about whether life is meaningless for 8 weeks now and I can’t stop. If nothing happens to us after we die then surely life will have no meaning... To humans anyway. I don’t know why I am here and have been questioning if I should be here. 

I was wondering if I could get someone else’s opinion on this? Is life actually meaningless?

Re: Is life meaningless?

Sometimes we do question what is the point of us living @Anolacox14 and sometimes we question this even more when we go through tough times. To answer your question on whether life is meaningless, I say that depsite going through tough times where I thought there was no point in life, I believe life is not meaningless, otherwise what's the point of us being given our lives in the first place? I think the purpose of life is to enable us to find meaning, if that makes sense?

Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: Is life meaningless?

Hi @Anolacox14 This might sound counter intuitive considering the tone of your question, but I think it's a good thing to be asking yourself such things. The very fact that you're asking means that you ARE seeking meaning (arguably). I would suggest, keep an open mind. Find what makes sense to YOU. People will provide ideas, experiences and philosophies but ultimately this is something for you to discover. It's quite hard in a mostly modern western culture to find and create meaning. In many native cultures there are belief systems and structures that support the you at each stage of development. Then there are religions, spiritual practices and beliefs that provide meaning as well.


There's a whole school of thought that talks about the idea of life having no meaning called nihilism. You might think that sound tragic but then that's a meaning too! Mind twist. Then others have argued that nihilism is a cop out because it potentially takes away our responsibility to live a good life (where possible).  Then from a Buddhist philosophy, they say life has suffering and if we can understand that we can start to have a healthy detachment from our cravings and aversions that both ultimately lead to pain then that can cultivate a healthier mind. So I think play with the ideas you come across and see what fits with you.


Like what @Esperanza67 said, when life gets hard I think we all ask the bigger questions and that that is purposeful.  

Re: Is life meaningless?

Hi @Anolacox14!

I was just listening to a song with lyrics talking about a similar idea to this! It goes like this: We're livin' night to night // Since we're bound to die, oh // Oh, what's the use in trying? // And it's exactly why

I think this is something our generation mulls over regularly, you're not alone. People process it differently too. I take it from your post that you don't expect anything to happen after death?

Either way, I don't think that life is meaningless. It's short, it's fleeting... but it's still very real. What you do, your actions, what you say, still has a real impact on other people. You could make someone's else day much brighter. Yeah, it's true that those people are going to fade away one day. But don't forget that those people still exist, right now, in the present! And so do you. If nothing more, you could just enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. Just like in the song, live life in the present, 'night to night'.

Are you happy with the how the world is right now? Maybe you could make it your purpose to help make this world a better place, so that the next generations don't feel the way you do? Future generations will eventually fade away, sure, but their lives will still be very real and very present -- and that might be meaning enough. Smiley Happy

What do you think?