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Re: It just won't stop

Wow, it must be tough. I know how it can be letting other people know how you really feel.


But acting like you are OK around your dad isn't do you or your dad any favours. If you don't feel like you can talk with him and tell him anything, perhaps that is the thing that needs to change, and perhaps that is the thing that will start everything getting better?


What do you think?

Re: It just won't stop

Hi jess, you're not weak at all - the simply fact you've come here and posted shows great courage and strength.


It also takes a lot to pretend to be happy around your dad, it's adds extra stress on you which must be really hard to deal with Smiley Sad
Have you tried Kids Helpline yet? I really think they could be helpful.


If you are feeling like you want to end it all, please call the Suicide Callback Service 1300 659 467.


Look after yourself.

Re: It just won't stop

Hey jess no-one,


Sorry to hear that things are still so hard. You seem like a really strong person - it can be hard to keep at it when things feel crap, so the fact that you're still pushing on and reaching out for help here shows just how strong you are. It's a good thing - that strength is the thing that will get you through this. 


Like everyone has said, talking to someone about what you're going through can be really helpful. Kids Helpline is a great place to try, or you could always go to your GP on your own to chat about what is going on for you. Would you consider calling KHL or perhaps talking to them online or via email?


Thinking of you and sending hope & strength!

Re: It just won't stop

I can't be strong anymore!
I already email kids help line, I see a counsellor at school and also outside of school!
I give up! 😪 I don't know how long I can do this for!
I'm slipping, and I can't hold on! 😔

Re: It just won't stop

Hey Jess,


Sounds like you had a crap day. How have things been this week? Any moments of feeling ok?

Re: It just won't stop

Hey jess, what I'm going to say probably has already been said but I think that you shouldn't give up. Whatever's giving you hell, it's not worth it. Sometimes it'll feel like it's never-ending but sometimes all you have to do is stare the problem in the face and A) walk away, B) give it some sarcastic comment and walk away with pride or C) tell it to leave you alone. Even if the thing is inanimate, just giving it a good hit in the 'face' (only if it's inanimate, don't hit an actual person).

If you really feel like you're slipping then try something different. If you like reading, find a book series that you might consider reading, borrow them from the library or find them online or however and read that series. Harry Potter, Twilight(if you're into that stuff), Vampire Academy. If you like cheesy kid books about wild horses I'd recommend The Phantom Stallion series. It has 24 books that are quite short but good reads in my opinion and are really worth it. The Chain of Charms is another good series or the Tiger's Curse Saga. I know that Terry Pratchett and James Patterson are good authors in my opinion. Or, like me, you might be interested in comics. The Amazing Spiderman (or Superior Spiderman if you know what I'm talking about), X-Men, Justice League, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Avengers, there are so many comics out there, I don't even know where to begin. 

That's one way you can pull yourself up. With a good book series. Or, if you're not much of a reader, then find a good TV series that you haven't watched before and get into that. I know a lot of people who like Supernatural (9 seasons) and Criminal Minds (9 seasons) I'd recommend Criminal Minds if you like murder, crime shows. 


Do you have a license? If you are on your L's, make a promise to yourself to get your full, open license and have something to strive for. Say that you are going to drive to blah blah blah on the blah blah with your open license. 

This isn't for everyone but plan ahead. Every week write a plan on what is happening for you that week so that you can keep track of activities or hobbies or work and make time for yourself.


Sorry if you found this useless, which I really hope you didn't, and I know how annoying this might sound to you but you shouldn't give up. The world is not worth giving up for. It sure sucks sometimes but if you push through, then you might find something better. If you strive for that 'better' it'll come and you'll be ready.






Re: It just won't stop

Hey Jess...


Did you have a think about talking to your dad about this? I think its really important that you get him on your team in this. I know my dad would do anything to help me, and when I'm in trouble he's always the first person I call.


I really hope you can find the strength to let people in, so that you can get some help.

Re: It just won't stop

You can't just walk away from depression, and you can't tell it to leave you alone! No matter how hard you try it will never leave!
I hate reading!
I can get my L's in just over 5 months.

I can't let dad in! It's to hard, I just can't do it!
I think I need to end it! I just need it to stop! 😪

Re: It just won't stop

Getting your L's is something worth working towards, Jess. Are you looking forward to that?

Re: It just won't stop

I don't really care about getting my L's.
it won't make me feel any happier!
I don't see the point in anything anymore! 😪