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JUst need someone to talk to

Idk why but lately I’ve been feeling lonely so if you need a friend like me reply I’m super open to talking about anything but keep in mind I’m only 16 so be around my age if u want to talk and idc ur gender 

Re: JUst need someone to talk to

Hey @Mimi_01 and welcome to ReachOut! Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely - it's definitely not the nicest of feelings, hey?

Everyone on the forums is super nice and I'm sure they'd love to chat with you. Maybe you could take a look at our Chit Chat thread, or play some Games?

In regards to feeling lonely, do you reckon you'd be willing to try meeting some new people? It's not easy, and we'd support you as much as we can Smiley Happy

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Re: JUst need someone to talk to

Hey @Mimi_01, sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Did you want to chat more about what's got you lonely? We are here to listen and support. Heart

Re: JUst need someone to talk to

Heya @Mimi_01,


I noticed it's been a few days since you were last here and just wanted to check in with you. How're you feeling? As @Bree-RO said we're here if you wanna ditch the lonely feels Smiley Happy

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