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Job advice or any other advice

I spent 4 years from early 2009 to 2012 with what I will describe for now as extreme OCD and depression, amongst other things. In early 2013 I had a "breakthrough" and just kept getting better and better.

It's pretty much gone now or atleast it does not affect me severely and I am in control of my body and mind.

But now I am 21 with pretty much no experience, the only thing I have is Year 12 Certificate and Cert I in Hospitality. I have no friends and my social skills are pretty poor as I don't get a chance to converse with people often. I live with my parents, but I don't ask them for money and I need money.

Right now I am thinking maybe fast food is the only place I could get a job, but I think I may fail with cashier. If they just put me on food preparation/cleaning all day, I could do that.

I thought about stocking jobs but they are usually at night time (afaik) and I would prefer working during the day since I cannot drive yet and waiting at the bus stop in the middle of the night sounds terrifying.

I am also thinking maybe doing a tafe course while on centrelink allowance, not sure what tafe course, I've been thinking about warehousing.

Can you give me some ideas for jobs? Or just some sort of life advice, really anything will help, any feedback.

I haven't applied for anything yet, I guess I am kind of scared of picking the wrong thing and then not being able to get out of it.

Thank you for reading.


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey Jupiter! So glad that you found us, I reckon lots of the people here will have some great stories to share when they have been in similar situations...


In the meantime, what are the types of things you need in your ideal job? For example, would you rather work alone, or in a team? Would you rather not talk to customers? Do you like working with objects? Would you rather be up and active or at a desk?

You could also do a career quiz! (i love quizzes!) I'll give you acouple that I think look helpful. They all basically look at the type of activities you enjoy and the type of stuff you are good at and then it shows you what your strengths are and links you to jobs that suits that stuff...


Australian government one (quite short)

Canadian gov one (a bit longer and a bit better)


If you end up doing one, I'd love to hear what sort of jobs they recommended for you - we can all help you figure out how to get there!


I thought you might want to read some experiences from others like this person who stepped outside their comfort zone, or even just get some hot tips from this factsheet on looking for work! I also remember another user on here telling us that she was working in the bakery section of a supermarket that she loved because she mostly got to work on her own...


All the best...

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Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey @Jupiter11 - welcome! It's really awesome that you had a breakthrough with your recovery and are doing well enough to consider work! Would love to hear about what worked for you in another thread!


I worked in both fast food and a supermarket during high school and university. If getting public transport late at night is something that concerns you, most fast food shifts finish up pretty late. You usually have to stick around for about an hour after the restaurant closes to clean up and prep for the next day. If you have a shopping centre nearby, you could try some of the other stores. Newsagency work is kinda fun - plus you get to read the magazines!


If you're looking to build up some experience on your resume, have you thought about volunteer work? Loads of people here always speak very highly of volunteering, and it would be a good way to see how you go in a workplace environment.


Remember you can always resign if you start some a job that doesn't work for you. Most employers will put you on an initial trial period of a few weeks to months, and this trial period is for you too! Resigning can be scary but it's always there as an option!


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey @Jupiter11

It is awesome that you had a breakthrough and that you are ready to step out and take control of your life.

With some jobs you dont need experience and they just train you which is great, I usually go by trial and error when looking for jobs, I had to actually be a door to door sales person for a day and then I knew it was not for me. So dont be afraid to give things a go, you might be surprised what you enjoy.

Apply at all the jobs that appeal to you, I have worked everywhere from an aged home to a call centre and I have picked a few wrong jobs for me but that means you get closer to understanding who you are and what you like and also get some experience because of it.

A tafe course is an awesome idea, I think its important to speak to a career counsellor if they have that at the tafe you want to go to, so they can help you figure out what is right for you

Let us know how you go Smiley Happy
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Re: Job advice or any other advice

hey @Jupiter11 

You mentioned that you were considering further study. If you're happy to keep living at home for a while longer, now's a great time to take advantage of your reduced living costs and maybe get a qualification in something. Nowadays, qualifications are expected more than ever before and you'll often get a better pay rate when starting out. It's also great for when you're not sure exactly what you want to do yet. You can choose a field that interests you and then fine tune your choice as you learn more about it.

There are also lots of part time or reduced hours study options so you don't have to overwhelm yourself.


How does this sound to you?


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey @Jupiter11 

How are you going with the job searches?

Having your year 12 certificiate and a cert 1 in hospitality is pretty great... dont sell yourself short Smiley Happy


Also in terms of jobs most jobs these days regardless of where you start can lead to a whole bunch of other things and other opportunities. 

Have you made a list of your interests and other random talents you may have because sometimes they are the best ways to channel the direction you want to go in.




Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey everyone, I really really appreciate all the advice! Sorry it's taken me awhile to respond back I got nervous and wasn't sure what to say.

So I'm still job seeking there are a few shopping centre nearby and they have like the smaller stores like the gift stores, shoe stores and such like thingz and homeart which I could handle if I was on cashier or something. So I might try those types of places.


Im not sure what my approach is yet to ask them about jobs but Ill think of something.

@SophieRO: I don't mind talking to customers as long as it's not in a really busy place where I have to talk to lots at once. eg woolworths and you have to bag lots of items at the same time too. And Im looking for day shift type work or like any time from 6am - 6pm is okay for me.


@nigioc: I dont think I would have any problems going on full time with study. Two tafe courses I am considering are Hospitality III and I could get a waiter type job? and Warehousing III for a storeperson job.


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey @Jupiter11 

That all sounds great. Now might be a good time to talk to a TAFE careers counsellor. They should be able to help you decide which course and career is best suited to you.

Best of luck! Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hi everyone! I have a question if I get a job interview if they ask me what have I been doing up to now what should I say?


There's a few things Ieft out in the first post - I've tried 3 different tafe courses through "these years" I did electronics (dropped out) and 2 media courses (dropped out of 1 of them completed other).


because on my resume it only has high school and hospitality and Im leaving out the completed media because there seems no reason to put it on but other than that its really blank so theyre probably going to think - "this person is 21 what have they been doing all this time?"


I think I would say something like:
"I've been taking care of some personal issues which I have now overcome and now I am ready to work."

I think thats good enough? Seems a bit short but I cant think of anything else. I don't want to be too specific because I think if i bring up OCD or obsessions and things they might think Im some kind of freak and definitely wont hire me.

Should I mention dropping out tafe courses?


Also realistically what are my chances on getting a job at a fast food place considering my age? I know these places usually hire 16, 17 year olds etc... because they are  a lot more cheaper.


Thank you!!!!!!


Re: Job advice or any other advice

Hey @Jupiter11 - just so you know, it's completely illegal under the Fair Work Act for any employer to not hire you based on age or mental illness, however it's completely up to you whether you disclose that you've been going through. You're still a spring chicken, I don't think it's at all unusual for you to have gaps on your resume at 21. I doubt they will even bring it up. If they do, you sound like you have a good handle on what you can say, and it's fine to admit you were trying out some TAFE courses and trying to figure out your 'calling'. You have the advantage of being available during the day, which not many teenagers are, so I don't think that will hold you back in finding work.

Good luck, we're all rooting for you!