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Just need to rant.

It's Christmas Day. I didn't get a single gift.
Family made a point of opening theirs in front of us.
Didn't even have a few drinks with everyone.
No one I know outside of the family I saw today wished me a happy Christmas.

And to top it off, I've just gotten home to find that my ex and his family are having a party here. It's super loud, I'll have zero chance of sleeping. And someone's taken a 6 pack of my beers and left $15 in its place. Why does no one have any respect?

I need to get out of here to clear my head. Smiley Sad

Re: Just need to rant.

@dustb0wldance How are you doing today? Did you manage to get out for a walk or something at lease? Last night sounded really hard! 

Re: Just need to rant.

I ended up just chatting to @j95 on here last night which took my mind off things. I'm feeling much better this morning knowing that there's no one at my house now. Feeling super noticed to look for a new place today too - pity all the real estates are closed today @Sans-RO!

Re: Just need to rant.

Glad you're feeling better @dustb0wldance! Good luck with looking for a new place!

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