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Life Sentence

Im am feeling absolutely distraught and devasted today, after going to the drs I was informed that the swelling in my ankles and legs is caused by Chronic Cardiac Failure. 

I feel as though now all my hopes and dreams I had for my future are no longer in my reach, and that after everything I have gone through in my life that Im now on that long walk to the gallows...

Re: Life Sentence

@Sap0 thinking of you. I can't imagine how you feel right now.
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Re: Life Sentence

Hey @Sap0 


I'm sorry to hear that you're going through these tough times. I can't imagine how difficult it can be to hear this news and just wondering what you can do next. Even if you feel that everything seems hopeless, there are many different ways to keep going and to overcome these challenges. So don't give up!


Is there anyone that you can talk to you about, such as your doctor? This way, you could ask your doctor what are your next steps in terms of addressing your diagnosis. Bringing a friend, relative or counsellor may also make this more comfortable to talk about, as well as provide more additional support. 

Stay excellent

Re: Life Sentence

Hey @Sap0

I am sorry that you are going through this and I cant imagine what you are going through right now but I can only imagine how difficult it is for you.

I did a bit of research after reading your message and I can understand you feeling like things are dark and gloomy now but am I wrong in saying you can live with this and improve your lifespan by eating and changing certain parts of your life?

Do you also have family and friends that can support you through this?
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Re: Life Sentence

Thank you so much for your thoughts, I havent got much support around, I have done a bit of research and have been doing all the right things to date before knowing the diagnosis.

To me everything I have red leads to the same outcome, with everything else I have been through who know's I may be able to pull through this as well but only time will tell..

I have never given up in my whole life time but now I'm unsure whether my dreams for things I still want to achieve feel out of reach especially when I can't even put shoes on or barely walk because of the swelling.

I love you all and the support you are giving is amazing thank you all so much xxxxxx

Re: Life Sentence

Hi @Sap0,

I am really sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Someone in my family was diagnosed with that condition a couple of years ago, so it has touched my family. It is a scary thing to confront, and I was worried at first that my relative was dying, but several years later, she is still here. Her life has changed, but she is still living the life she loves.

I do hope that now you have a diagnosis, you and your Drs will be able to work together on the symptoms such as swelling in your ankles and legs, so you can regain some or all of your mobility.
I know from my family's experience that it can take a while to start feeling that you're on the path to some kind of normality again, and yes, it is a condition that you'll have until you die... but now that you know what it is, you can get the treatment and support to live the best life you can. I wish you all the luck in the world on getting your health to a more comfortable and stable place.


Thinking of you,





Re: Life Sentence

@blithe thank you for your support, 

I have alot of strength and I hoping that strength will help me overcome this road block in front of me.

At the moment Im doing so many things I love, but when Im wanting to achieve other goals in my life there's always been something that has stopped me. My main goal prior to the swelling was getting my driver's licence to allow more freedom in my life, and I was only 2 weeks away from getting it or attempting it, but it has now been over 1 mth since I have been able to have any lessons let alone attempt the driving test.

Not since suffering severe depression have I been laid up so much not being able to do anything, I have never been the sort of person to have people wait on me as it makes me feel hopeless, I have always outgoing and independant since my recovery 4 years ago, only now occassionally having days or weeks.

Anyway I just have to try and do more positive things and anything I can to recover...

Re: Life Sentence



I am sorry to hear what has happened. I can understand exactly how you feel.

4 years ago I had a slipped disc and ever since been in chronic pain. 3 months in I was especially upset, watching healthy people walking or running made me jealous and angry. Thoughts of losing my hopes and dreams crushed and smothered me; the thoughts were on a non-stop loop.


I reached out to an aquantaince who also suffered from chronic pain and she told me things will be okay in the end. I will learn to live with the pain. That moment I was scared and wanted to reject that idea. But looking back now after accepting what I have. Its not so bad, you really learn how to adjust to things.


It will be okay in the end.


I feel that though Ive lost a lot but Ive also gained. I am now happily focusing my energy on more meaningful things. Its like the saying that when a door closes another will open. You will find other things that you love to do. This world has countless things to experience and learn.


Be strong and when you have the opportunity to know people with similar circumstances. Talk to them and share your experiences. You may learn that they appreciated life so much more and in turn live a even more fulfulling life.

Re: Life Sentence

Thinking of you man