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Long Term Alcoholics

My mother is a long term alcoholic.


I want to know what not to do and what I should be doing.
Please help me if you can, if you've experienced similar or even if you've failed at trying.

Re: Long Term Alcoholics

Hi @JessBlue 

I saw the post before you edited it and that sounds like a really tough situation to be in.



I think it's important she knows that she will have support when she's ready to take the necessary steps towards recovery. Often people in her position need to make the decision themselves to stop what they're doing and get help.


CounsellingOnline provide good telephone counselling, available 24/7, that she can talk to, even before she's ready to actually get help but might have questions about what's involved. It's free from landlines — 1800 888 236


What about yourself? Don't forget to make sure you look after yourself, too, and don't shoulder all the responsibility yourself, either.

Re: Long Term Alcoholics

Hey JessBlue. I've had some relatives who have gone through some destructive addictions and caused a lot of strain to the family. I know it's tough, which is why I am so grateful that you are proactively seeking out ways to help your mom and yourself.

Lex has provided a great resource in the CounsellingOnline service, but if you ever have anything you want to express we're always here and listening . All the best.

Re: Long Term Alcoholics

Hi friends I am new here..

Re: Long Term Alcoholics

@Eberhart wrote:

Hi friends I am new here..

Hi @Eberhart ! Welcome. Take a look around, drop a hello in the Introduce Yourself thread, and share your experiences. Smiley Happy We're happy to have you here.

Re: Long Term Alcoholics

Hey @JessBlue ,


Welcome to Reach Out!!


I'm so sorry to hear about your mum's struggles. Having a parent who is an alcoholic can be really, really dificult to deal with. It can create all kinds of hard to manage, mixed emotions. Kids feel worried about their parent's health and well being, and also might feel scared of what might happen to their mum or dad but then they can also feel really angry and let down by their parent because they feel that their parent is making things hard for everyone. It's also really common to end up taking the parenting role and losing the time and space to just be a kid which can create feelings of resentment and disappointment.

Really hard situation to be in. I can totally understand that you would like your mum to get some help to stop drinking.

ADIN can be a really good place to start. It's a web directory of Drug and Alcohol support services. You just put your area in and it shows you different, local options. If your mum is feeling willing to get some support then maybe you could show her the website or talk to her about the different options. There are places she can go and stay in, like rehabs, and there are also services where she goes and sees someone but keeps living at home.

If however, she's not ready to get help, you could call one of the local Drug and Alcohol counsellors / services and have a chat to them how you can help your mum. They might send you pamphletts for different services that you could give to your mum, so if our mum changes her mind she knows where to go.

The advice that you get support for yourself is spot on. Whether mum is ready to get help or not, you can get support for yourself. Kids Helpline or Lifeline offer phone and online counselling. There's also Al-Anon / Ala-teen these are support groups for the kids or loved ones of alcoholics with ala-teen being specifically for the teenage kids of alcoholics. You might find that it helps to talk with other young people who have been or are going through the same stuff you're going through.


Let me know if this doesn't make sense. It's a lot to get through! Smiley Happy