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Looking for people in a similar situation I guess....

Hey Everyone,
This is my first post here. I've come here to reach out to anyone who may be in a similar situation to myself, the partner of someone with a drug addiction. It's a real struggle sometimes and it can feel really lonely as there's not really many people you can just open up to comfortably about what goes on sometimes. Even with friends it's tricky as they can't fully grasp what it's like to be in a relationship with an addict and I find myself cutting bits out of a story because I'm embarrassed or don't want them to worry. I guess it would be nice to hear from anyone else who has a family member or partner with an addiction and perhaps relate to similar situations we've been through, ideas to help the relationship through the bad times, and any tips on how to stay supportive and keep talking when you just want to get angry and yell lol!
Feeling overwhelmed, and hate the mistrust it brings to the relationship, hate obsessing over whether something is a lie, or where they are really Smiley Sad hate it especially when I'm wrong and accused her of lying but she wasn't at all and end up feeling like a terrible person Smiley Sad
Thanks for reading

Re: Looking for people in a similar situation I guess....

Hey @Marycontrary83 and welcome to Reach Out! I can't say I've been in a relationship like that but I know that there are some members of the forums who would be able to offer you knowledge/information from their own experiences.

Have you or your partner ever spoken to a counsellor/mental health professional about what's going on for you?  

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Re: Looking for people in a similar situation I guess....

I go to a counsellor myself but my partner is somewhat difficult when it comes to recognising the need for counselling herself. This is one of the issues I have. The constant promises of going to meetings and finishing self help courses.... it's hard not to feel let down Smiley Sad

Re: Looking for people in a similar situation I guess....

Hey @Marycontrary83

Well done on jumping online to seek some peer support around this. Well done on also seeing a counsellor, it must be hard when she doesn't want to head to a counsellor either but you've at least you've got the ball rolling on improving the relationship by taking yourself to counselling/psych. 


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I have a couple of links here that could be more beneficial for you however Smiley Happy


Beyond Blue Forum [click here]

Relationships Australia [click here]

Wishing you the best of luck moving forward Heart