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Looking for some professional help

I have depression, have attempted suicide on two occasions, have alcohol issues, am morbidly obese, and get panic attacks when faced with simple day-to-day activities. I hate being in crowds and frequently stay up all night alone just surfing the internet and dotting drunk. I always seem on the edge of collapsing.

Sometimes I'm so low I can't function and then at other times I can be so high I'm almost electric.

I’m trying to find out about assessment for disability benefits, as I’m so down and confused.

I’d just like to get things sorted.

I don’t have a GP.

What can I do? Who can I see?

Re: Looking for some professional help

Hey @Gurf 


It sounds like things are pretty hard for you at the moment... It's good that you can recognise that something needs to change though - that's the first step to getting things back on track. 


A GP is a good place to start to get professional help for what is going on for you - I know you said you don't have a regular GP at the moment, but is there one that you could make an appointment with? Are there any local medical centres near you that you could go to? A GP can do a bit of an assessment of what is going on for you, and refer you to any other professionals that might be helpful for you. BeyondBlue has an online tool you can use to search for doctors in your area who are interested in mental health, it's a good way to find a GP who has a bit of experience or interest in mental health stuff. 


In the meantime, you might find it helpful to check out the factsheet on self help for managing depression. There's some good tips about practical things you can do to look after yourself and manage your moods. There's also some ideas here about how to manage panic attacks that you might find helpful. 


If you need to talk to someone right now about what is going on for you, remember you can always contact Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) - anyone can contact Lifeline, but Kids Helpline is for up to 25 year olds (I'm not sure of your age, sorry). Hang in there - this doesn't have to be forever, and you can get through this. I really encourage you to make an appointment with a GP as soon as you can, and in the meantime check out those factsheets and contact one of those services I mentioned if you feel like you need to talk.


Thinking of you.


Re: Looking for some professional help

Hi Gurf,


gail has given you some great advice and some good fact sheets to have a read of. I was wondering how you went with making an appointment to see you GP? I know it might seem hard to go to someone in order to go to see someone else who will explore the issues you have identified in a more indepth manner.


I think it is a real strength to be able to recognise what is happening to you, and in some instances why. It is also great that you are proactive in seeking some change to your live.


Let us know how you go.


Re: Looking for some professional help

Hey Gurf,


Welcome to Reach Out!! 

It sounds like things are really crappy for you at the moment. I'm so sorry to hear that. I think it's so awesome that you've come to Reach Out asking where you can get the support you deserve.

Headspace Centres provide all sorts of health advice, support and information, including general health, mental health and Drug and Alcohol issues. You don't need a referral from a GP. Just go onto their website to find a centre near you, make an appoitnemtn and rock up!!

They are often free and those centres that charge use a sliding scale. You can ask if there's any cost to you when you make the appointment.

If you live in a remote area and can't get to a headspace then there's eheadspace where you can access online support.


Does this sound like something you'd be willing to try?