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Losing support

Hey guys,

Well as you may have read in some of my recent posts I've been having a rough time lately...

Well anyway, on Thursday I'm losing my school counsellor forever, and as of yesterday I lost my counsellors on KHL, they both went on holidays which is fair enough but I'm left with no one because my psychologist is on holidays as well and so I won't have any support over the holidays and it's a really hard time for me because of my nan, I spoke a little more about this a while ago...

I understand that counsellors have lives too and they need to take a break over Christmas, it's just going to be hard for me because sometimes I can't even go a week with out support, let alone nearly a month.

Anyway, I will be trying my best to stay positive over the holidays because after all it is Christmas and I don't want to be upset.

So that's about it from me..


Re: Losing support

Hi Pillow,

I know it must feel like you're alone, but you're not. We're all still here on RO. I know you can get through this Smiley Happy

There are some good tips and help here for surviving summer:

Would you consider chatting to another KHL counsellor at all, even online chat rather than phone?

Take care of you Smiley Happy

Re: Losing support

Hey Pillow - I was wondering what coping strategies you've talked through with your counsellors that you can practice on your own?

I was also wondering if you might want to try out "Smiling Mind" while you counsellors are away? It's meditation but made for young people like you, lots of people find meditation helpful - I was wondering if you might too? You never know until you try, right?

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